How many episodes of Ghost Hunt are there?

Ghost Hunt (novel series)

ゴーストハント (Gōsuto Hanto)
Licensed by Funimation
Original network TV Tokyo
Original run October 3, 2006 – March 27, 2007
Episodes 25

How many seasons are there of ghost hunt?

For the fourteenth season, Hawes and the previous TAPS incarnation from 2016 returned, while Wilson and the new team were not featured….Ghost Hunters (TV series)

Ghost Hunters
Original language English
No. of seasons 14
No. of episodes 251 (+ 12 specials not included) (list of episodes)

Is ghost hunt anime worth watching?

Shiki is the best horror anime I’ve seen up to now. Everything about it blows other horror animes out of the water. Even so Ghost Hunt is really good and definitely worth watching.

Where can I watch Ghost Hunt dubbed?

Ghost Hunt (Dub) at Gogoanime.

Is there a ghost hunt Season 2?

Celebrity Ghost Hunt | Season 2 Episode 1 |

Does Mai end up with Naru?

According to the author of the series, she considered Naru and Mai to be canon and expected them to be together as a couple eventually. However, she did not want to write that story because it doesn’t interest her as a writer.

Who is Gene in ghost hunt?

Eugene A.J Davis
Family. Eugene A.J Davis is the twin brother of Kazuya Shibuya (Naru). He was a psychic medium that died before the series takes place. It is unknown what the letters (A.J) stand for in his name, but he is called Gene by his brother.

Will Shiki have a Season 2?

‘Shiki’ season 2 is unlikely to happen, so we don’t expect the season 1 cast to return anymore.