How many C2 are present in PtCl4?

Dihedral Reflection Planes (σd) A dihedral mirror plane bisects the angle between two conjugate C2 axes. For example, in the PtCl42- anion (FIg. 2.1. 9) there are two vertical mirror planes that bisect the angle between the two conjugate C2 axes that pass through the Pt-Cl bonds.

What is the point group of PtCl4 2?

Answer: The point group of [PtCl4]2- is D4h.

What is the point group of CH2Cl2?

CH2Cl2 1)belongs to point group D2 2)has one plane of symmetry, \sigma h 3)has one C2 axis of rotation |

What is the hybridization of ptcl4 2?

The hybridization of [PtCl4]2- is square planar. Platinum has six valence electrons.

What is NI cn4?

The cyanonickelates are a class of chemical compound containing anions consisting of nickel atoms, and cyanide groups. The most important of these are the tetracyanonickelates containing four cyanide groups per nickel. The tetracyanonickelates contain the [Ni(CN)4]2− anion. This can exist in solution or in solid salts.

Which of the following is diamagnetic PtCl4?

[PtCl4]2- is diamagnetic. Pt is large in size thus it forms strong bond with the ligands.

What is symmetry of CH2Cl2?

Dichloromethane, CH2Cl2. There is a C2 rotation axis which passes through the carbon atom and the midpoints between the two hydrogen atoms and the two chlorine atoms.

What is the molecular geometry of CH2Cl2?

The CH2Cl2 molecule has a tetrahedral geometry shape because it contains two chlorine and two hydrogen atoms. There are two C-H and two C-Cl bonds at the CH2Cl2 molecular geometry. After linking the two hydrogens and two chlorine atoms in the tetrahedral form, it maintains the tetrahedral-like structure.

What does D4H mean?

ABBREVIATIONS. D4H. = desacetoxy vindoline 4-hydroxylase.

What is the order of D4H point group?

The order of the D4h point group is 16, and the order of the principal axis (C4) is 4. The group has ten irreducible representations. The D4h point group is generated by three symmetry elements that are canonically chosen C4, C 2 ′ and i.