How many branches does TPB Bank have?

Business trends

2012 2017
Total Assets (TZS Billions) 167.3 458.3
Number of Branches 28
Number of Employees 444 718

How many banks are there in Tanzania?

List of Banks in Tanzania in 2021. As of August 2021, there are 48 licensed banks in Tanzania: 35 commercial banks, 5 community banks, 4 microfinance banks, 2 mortgage banks, and 2 development banks.

What does Bank of Tanzania do?

Bank of Tanzania is mandated to license, regulate, supervise and de-license banks, financial institutions and Bureaus de change.

How much does it cost to open a Bank in Tanzania?

TZS15 billion
A bank or financial institution must commence operations and maintain, at all times, a minimum core capital of not less than TZS15 billion or higher amount as the BOT may determine.

What do you mean by commercial banks?

A commercial bank is a for-profit financial institution that accepts deposits, offers loans and provides other financial services to its customers. Commercial banks help fulfill the medium- and short-term financial requirements of businesses.

What is commercial bank function?

The main purpose of commercial banks is to provide financial services to the general public and also provide loan facilities to the business which helps in ensuring economic stability and growth of the economy. Therefore, we can say that credit creation is the most important purpose of commercial banks.

Which is the biggest bank in Tanzania?

CRDB Bank Plc is the largest commercial bank in Tanzania, according to its total assets….Largest banks in Tanzania as of 2020, by total assets (in billion Tanzania shillings)

Characteristic Assets in billion Tanzanian shillings

Who is the governor of BOT?

Governor Prof. Florens Luoga
Bank of Tanzania Governor Prof. Florens Luoga has won the Central Banker of the Year award for Africa for 2021, which is being organized by The Banker Magazine, a subsidiary of the Financial Times, for his efforts to boost the country’s economy in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

Who owns the Bank of Tanzania?

Bank of Tanzania

Headquarters 16 Jakaya Kikwete Road 40184 Dodoma Tanzania P.O Box 2303 Tel: +255 26 2963183/7 or +255 22 2232506 Fax: +255 26 2963189
Ownership 100% state ownership
Governor Prof: Joseph Aisha Rahma Ashura
Central bank of Tanzania
Currency Tanzanian shilling TZS (ISO 4217)

Who regulates banks in Tanzania?

The Bank of Tanzania
The Bank of Tanzania is the integrated regulator and supervisor of Banks, financial institutions, Mortgage Finance Institutions, Finance Lease Institutions, Credit Reference Bureaus and Bureau De Change in Tanzania.