How many basic jobs can I do in a day Neopets?

five jobs
You can take a maximum of five jobs per day. You can split the jobs any way you like—between pets, Super or Basic—but the end total can be no more than five.

Can I get a job in Neopets?

After withdrawing some Neopoints from the bank, if you go to the map of Neopia, click on the pretty floating cloud that leads you to Faerieland. Then, go to Faerie City. From here, you’ll see the Employment Agency. Enter, and from here you can get a job from the job list for your pet to do.

How many basic jobs can you do Neopets?

The number of jobs you’re allowed to apply for each day is capped at five. You may notice that after completing three jobs, you’ll get a message telling you you’ve taken enough jobs for the day.

Where can I get a job Neopets?

The Faerieland Employment Agency, for those of you who don�t know, is located inside the city in Faerieland. Here, your NeoPet can apply for a job, and when completed, he will get paid for it.

How do you get job tickets on Neopets?

You can either buy a Job Coupon through the Shop Wizard, Trading Post or Auctions depending on the colour you were after. Prices range from 63,000NP for a Green Job coupon, to 600,000NP for a Gold Brightvale Job coupon. You can also, on rare occasions, win a Brightvale Job Coupon through the Wheel of Knowledge here.

How do you get the Wizard Super Shop?

Finding the Shop Wizard A link to the Shop Wizard can be found in the dropdown menu under the “shops” heading at the top of Neopets. He can also be found in the top set of shop links on various market pages, such as your inventory or shop.

How do you complete jobs on Neopets?

Once you have the items and want to return to the Employment Agency, all you have to do is return to that window and click where it says “click here and complete the job,” or press the backspace button until you find that page again if you didn’t change windows for the Shop Wizard.

How do you battle in Neopets?

To get into a fight, find a “Battle!” button! There’s one on the main Battledome page and one on (almost) every page in the Battledome navigation bar. This will allow you to set up a fight. From there, you choose which Neopet you’d like to take into battle, and then select your opponent!

Where do you get Neopets job coupons?

What does SSW mean Neopets?

The Super Shop Wizard (SSW) is one of the greatest features that comes with Premium Neopets. It’s pretty much just like the regular Shop Wizard, except for three key features that will be explained and shown in full detail.