How long should you wear an inflatable neck traction device?

To use an air neck traction device, place it around your neck and adjust the straps as necessary. Then, pump it up and wear it for about 20–30 minutes. Do this a few times throughout the day. You can wear the device while doing activities where you tend to slouch.

What are the benefits of neck traction?

Neck traction has specific benefits, including:

  • Easing muscle spasm.
  • Stopping muscles from shortening and contracting.
  • Easing pressure.
  • Helping to bring back blood flow and nerve function.
  • Keeping your neck stable.
  • Correcting deformities.
  • Resting an injury.
  • Relieving pain.

How much should I inflate my neck traction?

Use the pump to inflate. You have to pump for at least 50 times (~1 minute) ! Usually around 70 – 80 pumps you can feel the traction, but all of this will depends from people to people from neck to neck.

How many times a day should I do neck traction?

Duration of cervical traction can range from a few minutes to 20 to 30 min, once or twice weekly to several times per day. Anecdotal evidence suggests efficacy and safety, but there is no documentation of efficacy of cervical traction beyond short-term pain reduction.

Is neck hero any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Gives me just the right amount of support for my neck! I’ve always had a hard time sleeping and so has my fiancée. I ordered a neck pillow because she recently had a lot of neck pains. The Neck Hero helped her a lot and her neck is much more relaxed.

How do you get herniated disc in neck?

The aging process and wear and tear on your spine can cause a herniated disc in the neck. A herniated disc can also be caused by repetitive activities or an injury to the spine.

How long does it take for neck traction to work?

How long does neck traction take to work?