How long is the Cooloola Great Walk?

102km long
The Cooloola Great Walk showcases the very best of the recreation area’s outstanding natural attractions. Up to 102km long, this extensive walking track system winds through rainforest, tall eucalypt forest, dry coastal woodland and heath plains.

Can you walk to Rainbow Beach?

From meandering paths to treks from Queensland’s Great Walks in the Great Sandy National Park, Cooloola Section- Rainbow is perfect for walkers. Here is a few of our favourites: The Headland and Lookout– leave the Getaway and walk 5 to 10 minutes towards town along Rainbow Beach Road.

Is the Cooloola Great Walk open?

Cooloola Great Walk is open 24 hours a day.

Where do you enter Rainbow Beach?

Rainbow Beach has a number of access points that are easily accessible and only minutes from the centre of town. The first is the Beach Access Road off of Clarkson Drive in Rainbow Beach. The remaining entrances can be found along Inskip Avenue on Inskip Point and within the five campsites in the area.

Where can I buy a Cooloola Great Walk map?

Great Walks topographic maps

  • Over-the-phone sales. For single map purchases phone: (07) 5449 8320.
  • Over-a-counter and email sales. Carnarvon map sales points. Conondale Range and Sunshine Coast Hinterland maps sales points. Cooloola and Fraser Island maps sales points. Gold Coast Hinterland map sales points.

How do you get to Poona Lake?

How To Get There: A 2WD vehicle will take you as far as the Bymien Picnic area. Following the Rainbow Beach Road into the park, turn right onto Freshwater Road. Bymein Picnic area will be on your right. Park here, then make the 4.2km round-trip bushwalk to the lake.

Does Rainbow Beach have rainbow sand?

Wander along Rainbow Beach and discover a natural ‘art gallery’, where wind and rain constantly re-sculpt cliffs of coloured sands. Over thousands of years, iron-rich minerals have stained the sand with a complex array of yellow, brown and red hues, while pure white sand has been leached of all nutrients.

How far are the Coloured sands from Rainbow Beach?

The beginning of the sands can be found about 2km away from the Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving Club where visitors can enjoy the view as they walk or drive along the beach! Be sure to take plenty of water along with you as well as a camera so you can capture some memories along the way.

Can you drive on the beach from Noosa to Rainbow Beach?

You can definitely drive on the beach to Rainbow if you have a 4WD. From Mooloolaba drive towards Noosa and then Tewantin, a vehicle ferry will take you across the Noosa River to the North Shore, from here there is access to the beach.

How long is the beach drive from Noosa to Rainbow Beach?

There’s accommodation from budget hostels and beach camping to resorts and holiday houses with panoramic ocean views. Take on the Cooloola Great Walk – an amazing 88km, 5-day trek from Noosa to Rainbow Beach along beaches, lakes and dunes, and through rainforest, eucalypt forests and plains.

Can you swim at Poona Beach?

Poona itself is only accessible from Cooloola Coast Road from either Maryborough or Gympie. Swimming can be enjoyed at the Poona Palms’ safe beachfront areas.

Do you need a 4WD to get to Poona Lake?

The walk can also be accessed from the Cooloola Beach drive, by driving 12km inland along Freshwater Road. You need a 4WD and vehicle access permits for this route.