How long does it take to climb Maroon Bells?

Maroon Bells Hike Snapshot

Hike Distance Five Trails: 1 to 13 miles Round Trip – Depending on Trail
Seasons Mid-May to Mid-November (weather dependent)
Dogs Allowed On 6′ leash – but Prohibited on the Scenic Loop Trail
Hike Trail Map Click for a Map of Maroon Bells Area Hikes
Denver Drive Time 4 hours

Are the Maroon Bells hard to climb?

How long does it take to climb the Maroon Bells? All routes on the Maroon Bells take a full day to climb. Whichever peak you choose, you’re looking at challenging loose terrain and around 4500 feet of elevation gain. Expect thunderstorms in the afternoon, so start your day bright and early.

What is Maroon Bells famous for?

The Maroon Bells are probably the most famous mountains in all of Colorado. The iconic picture of the bells from Maroon lake is a must for any landscape photographer. The Bells offer access to 3 classic 14ers of the Elk range: South and North Maroon as well as Pyramid Peak as well as backpacking the famous 4 Pass Loop.

What peaks are the Maroon Bells?

The Maroon Bells are two peaks in the Elk Mountains, Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak, separated by about half a kilometer (0.3 miles). The mountains are on the border between Pitkin County and Gunnison County, Colorado, United States, about 19 kilometres (12 mi) southwest of Aspen. Both peaks are fourteeners.

How hard is Maroon Peak?

0.5 mile to reach a cairned trail junction , at 10,400′ – 4. Turn right, and start up the Maroon Peak trail….

Difficulty: Class 3
Risk Factors: Exposure: High Rockfall Potential: High Route-Finding: Extreme Commitment: Extreme
Trailhead: Maroon Lake
Start: 9,590 feet
Summit: 14,156 feet

Are there bears in Maroon Bells?

There are endless other trails and hiking opportunities near the Bells, but keep in mind most of that region is a wilderness area and it’s best to be prepared. Black bears, moose and mountain lions are more than common out there, and it’s both unsafe (and illegal) to approach the wildlife.

How many people died on Maroon Peak?

It is the 10th fatal climbing accident since 2000 on the Maroon Bells , and first since a 61-year-old man died in July 2019 after a 200-foot fall off Maroon Peak.

Why is it called the Maroon Bells?

Hikers on the West Maroon Trail will see many of these ridges as they head back toward the West Maroon Parking area. WHY ARE THEY CALLED THE MAROON BELLS? Bells refer to their shape. Maroon refers to their color when the light is right.

Is Maroon Peak a 14er?

The Maroon Bells: Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak – both featured on Colorado 14ers Map 10 of 16 – are perhaps the most iconic 14ers in Colorado. Despite their beauty and ease of viewing from the popular Maroon Lake, these Elk Mountain peaks are some of the most challenging 14ers to summit.

Is Maroon Bells a 14er?