How long do XDP take to deliver?

Standard delivery times using the XDP Homedrop network are typically between 2 and 5 days from the time that the goods are despatched by the sender.

What Courier is XDP?

XDP Express is a parcel carrier and freight delivery service in UK. Enter tracking number followed by `:` and postal code (XXXXXXXXXXXX:YYYYYY) when tracking in AfterShip.

How can I get in touch with XDP?

For any further information, please call 0843 178 5555 and one of our staff will be more than happy to help you.

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Louis John – Chairman
Louis John – Chairman – XDP LTD | LinkedIn.

Where is XDP based?

Our headquarters – XDP are based in Curdworth, just off junction 9 of the M42. This places us in an ideal position to transport freight across the UK. Founded -XDP was formed in 1995. We have grown to be the largest independent Parcel Carrier in the UK.

Are DPD and DPD the same company?

DPD stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution. Its brands are DPD, Colissimo, Chronopost, Seur and BRT. The company is based in France and operates mainly in the express road-based market….DPDgroup.

Type Limited company (Société anonyme)

Do DPD deliver on Saturdays?

Do DPD deliver on Saturdays? Yes. Once you book your delivery on the day before (Friday), you have several Saturday delivery service options to choose from.

How do I cancel my XDP order?

To cancel an order, you head to your manifest screen, choose the consignment you wish to cancel, then scroll to the bottom of the page and choose ‘DELETE’.

What does XDP stand for?


Acronym Definition
XDP Xml Data Package
XDP Xerox Document Print
XDP Extra Device Port (telephone systems)
XDP Cross-Linked Fibrin Degradation Product (cardiovascular medicine)

What is XDP socket?

AF_XDP sockets enable the possibility for XDP programs to redirect frames to a memory buffer in a user-space application. An AF_XDP socket (XSK) is created with the normal socket() syscall. Associated with each XSK are two rings: the RX ring and the TX ring.

What does arrived at Depot mean?

Receipt at depot – your parcel has arrived either at the collection or delivery depot. Misrouted at depot – your parcel has been sent to an incorrect depot and is being re-routed.