How is the road from Gwalior to Khajuraho?

I agree that the road from Gwalior to Khajuraho varies from good to absolutely terrible. Add some traffic and your travel time will be even longer. But same distance you can travel by train also from Gwalior to Khajuraho.

How can I reach pachmarhi from Gwalior by train?

There is no direct connection from Gwalior to Pachmarhi. However, you can take the train to VIRANGANA LAKSHMIBAI station, take the train to Bhopal Jn, take the train to Itarsi Jn, then take the taxi to Pachmarhi.

Why is orchha famous?

Orchha is the erstwhile capital city of the Bundela rulers. Thus, the town is steeped in history, which is quite evident from its palaces and temples built in the 16th and 17th centuries. The architectural splendor of the monuments in Orchha reflects the glory of its rulers.

How far is Pachmarhi from Pipariya?

54 Kms
Distance Between Pipariya to Pachmarhi

Distance between Pipariya to Pachmarhi by Road is 54 Kms
Distance between Pipariya to Pachmarhi by Flight is 34 Kms
Travel Time from Pipariya to Pachmarhi by Road is 1:25 hrs
Nearest Airport in Pipariya Raja Bhoj (22.76, 78.35)
Nearest Airport in Pachmarhi Raja Bhoj (22.47, 78.43)

Does snowfall in Pachmarhi?

Does it snow in Pachmarhi in the winter season? A: No, the winter season (October to February) is chilly and windy and at times the temperature dips to -3 degree Celsius, but it does not experience any snow.

How many days are sufficient for Pachmarhi?

This is just my opinion, 3-4 days in Pachmarhi are sufficient. If you are planning a vacation for 5-6 days you can really do a lot in Satpura range.

Is it safe to drive to Pachmarhi?

Dear Rupali, Yes it is safe. There are many guests travelling by own car from there home town to Pachmarhi.