How is Aunt Alexandra characterized?

Aunt Alexandra is a poised, well-mannered Southern woman. She is critical of Scout’s tomboyish ways. She considers family breeding important to how a person behaves. Despite her cold demeanor, Aunt Alexandra is shown to care deeply for her family.

What are some character traits of Calpurnia?

Calpurnia’s character traits are stern and strict; educated; loyal; and nurturing. She is a role-model and motherly figure in the lives of Jem and Scout; as they grow older, she teaches them about the world in which they live. The children also learn more about Calpurnia as they age.

How is Miss Maudie described?

Miss Maudie is a parallel, or very similar, to Scout and Jem’s father Atticus; she mirrors him in her beliefs about right and wrong. She can be described as open-minded and nonjudgmental; possessed with a biting sense of humor and quick wit; opinionated and forthright; and easygoing.

What kind of person is Nathan Radley?

Like the rest of his family members, Nathan is reclusive and spends most of his time inside. Though he doesn’t act nefarious or mean, he does fill the hole in the oak tree—in which Arthur was leaving Scout and Jem treasures—with cement.

What is Aunt Alexandra view of femininity?

Aunt Alexandra repeatedly tells her that she cannot be a lady if she does not dress like one, and that she should engage in more ‘girly’ activities.

How is Aunt Alexandra Judgemental?

Aunt Alexandra is judgmental, prone to gossip, racist, proper, and pretentious. She loves her family, but she believes they should act according to her ideas of proper behavior.

What is Calpurnia physical description?

The reader gets to know Calpurnia through the eyes of Scout, the narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird. According to Scout, Calpurnia.was all angles and bones; she was nearsighted; she squinted; her hand was wide as a bed slat and twice as hard.

What does Calpurnia’s character symbolize in the novel?

Although in many ways she represents the black experience, Calpurnia is largely silent about issues of race, possibly because she understands the danger of speaking out about her experience.

How is Mrs Dubose described?

Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose is the Finches’ elderly, cantankerous neighbor who’s always sitting on her porch and shouting verbal abuse at children, and in chapter 11, we get up close and personal with her. Jem and Scout have to pass by her house every day to get to town, and they always dread doing it.

What kind of woman is Miss Maudie?

Witty, genuine, caring, perceptive, unbiased, unselfish, strong, and honest, Miss Maudie Atkinson is an “upstanding citizen” in Maycomb. She takes care of her yard, embellishing it with lovely flowers; she bakes goodies for her young neighbors.

How is Nathan Radley described?

A recluse who never sets foot outside his house, Boo dominates the imaginations of Jem, Scout, and Dill. He is a powerful symbol of goodness swathed in an initial shroud of creepiness, leaving little presents for Scout and Jem and emerging at an opportune moment to save the children.