How is ANZ Smart Choice Super?

ANZ Smart Choice Super is a flexible and low cost super solution with fees in the lowest 25% of all super funds 1, that can be taken from job-to-job with a seamless transfer to pension at retirement. Winner of Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customers – Super Fund Award 2021.

Which Superfund is the best?

Top 20 super funds

Super fund Investment option 1 yr return (%)
Sunsuper for Life Balanced 16.5%
Aware Super Growth 14.2%
CareSuper Balanced 12.6%
IOOF Employer Super Core IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust 13.6%

What type of fund is ANZ Smart Choice Super?

complying superannuation fund
ANZ Smart Choice Super is a part of Retirement Portfolio Service ABN 61 808 189 263 which is a complying superannuation fund and a resident regulated superannuation fund within the meaning of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993.

What is super fund choice?

Super choice is when your employer allows employees to choose the MySuper product or super fund they want. You don’t have to use the one chosen by someone else like your employer, industrial award or workplace agreement.

Which super is best in Australia?

The Best Overall – AustralianSuper It’s Balanced Fund received the Finder award for the best Australian super fund in 2021 and has been one of the strongest performing super funds of all time.

How do I cancel my ANZ Smart Choice Super?

You can opt out of the service online via ANZ Internet Banking or by calling 13 12 87….To find and consolidate your super:

  1. Get online: Log on to ANZ Internet Banking, the ANZ App or directly via
  2. Search: Consent to a SuperMatch search.
  3. Submit: Select the accounts you would like to consolidate.

What is the best super fund in Australia 2021?

Aware Super has been named Best Super Fund in Money magazine’s 2021 Best of the Best Awards. The awards for Best Pension Fund and Best MySuper Product were taken out by Cbus and AustralianSuper respectively.

What is the best super fund in Australia 2020?

Best super funds

  • Best ethical fund. Green Company. Australian Ethical Super Balanced.
  • Best long-term returns. Finder Award. AustralianSuper – Pre-mixed, Balanced option.
  • Best industry fund. UniSuper Balanced.
  • Best lifestage fund. Virgin Money Super – LifeStage Tracker.

How do I withdraw my ANZ super?

You are required to complete and attach an ‘Application for Early Release of Benefits due to Severe Financial Hardship’ form. Please phone Customer Services on 13 12 87 to obtain a form. You must apply to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Please phone the ATO on 13 10 20 for application requirements.

What is the cheapest super fund in Australia?

20 cheapest super funds

Fund name Investment option Fees as a % of balance
AustralianSuper Personal Plan Indexed Diversified 0.43%
Maritime Super – Accumulation Advantage Indexed Balanced 0.44%
QSuper – Accumulation Moderate* 0.44%
Colonial First State – FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super Index Conservative 0.45%

How much super Should I have?

How much super do I need for a ‘comfortable retirement’? According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Limited (ASFA) Retirement Standard, for those wanting a ‘comfortable retirement,’ the average super balance at retirement should be around $640,000 for couples and around $545,000 for singles.