How fast is an Xpress h17?

The boat goes about 53 miles per hour.

Who is Xpress boats made by?

THIRD GENERATION OWNED. Family owned and operated, Xpress Boats has been building quality aluminum boats in Arkansas since 1966. Starting out in a little schoolhouse in Friendship, Arkansas, Xpress Boats built the first all welded all aluminum boat.

How fast are Xpress bass boats?

The Xpress X19 has a top speed of nearly 65 MPH….Xpress X19: Ballistic Bass Boat.

Fuel capacity 30 gal.

How much does an Xpress x19 weigh?

Xpress X19 Pro

Length 19′ 0″
Dry Weight (Boat Mfr. Pub) 1,390 lbs
Maximum HP 200 hp
Fuel Capacity 45 gal
Weight as Tested 2,427 lbs

Are Xpress Boats foam filled?

Every void in your hull is filled with premium, environmentally-friendly expandable foam. This process adds both strength and flotation to your new Xpress Boat. To ensure peak performance and handling, every hull is checked for smoothness by our Quality Control team.

How much does an Xpress Boat weigh?


X21 Pro X18 Pro
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 gal. 36 gal.
Approximate Weight 1,580 lb. 1,187 lb.
Max Wt./Per/Mo/GR 1,800 lb. 1,400 lb.
Total Wt. Per Cap 4 / 775 lb. 4 / 700 lb.

Are Xpress bay boats self bailing?

Bay boats are self-bailing. They are often sealed such that water never gets under the floor of the boat. If you do it, you’re going to ruin what would have been a long-life boat and trailer – in short order. You’ll end up trashing the rig long before it is paid for, or spending major bucks fixing the disaster.

How are Xpress Boats built?

Xpress Boats are not assembled by machine, but are welded together by some of the industry’s most experienced welders. The backbone of each Xpress boat is its longitudinal rib system. Each rib receives over 200 individual welds, making all Xpress aluminum hulls unequalled in strength and rigidity.

How fast is a Xpress x21?

With a 90-horsepower 4-stroke motor, we were able to get the 1775 Renegade to 44 miles per hour at top-end speed which is outstanding for an aluminum boat of its size.