How do you write a capability statement in Australia?

10 steps to prepare a winning Capability Statement

  1. Draft an outline.
  2. Write down who your target audience is and list the outcomes you deliver for them.
  3. Make a list of contents tailored to your target audience – select from the above list.
  4. Consider the best way to demonstrate your business’ capability.

How do you write a capability statement?

How to Write a Good Capability Statement

  1. Name and company branding, slogan (if any)
  2. Summary description of the company.
  3. Core Capabilities.
  4. Description of major services offered.
  5. Federal Small Business Certifications.
  6. Contract Vehicles in which you participate (Federal and State)
  7. State Certifications.

What is a capability statement Australia?

What is a capability statement? A capability statement outlines what you can offer potential clients and provides the essential details to help them decide whether to do business with you. It can also be used to open doors to new suppliers or incorporated into tender documents.

What should a capability statement look like?

A capability statement should be very brief and specifically related to the needs of the agency you are targeting. Preferably it is only one page, one side. Go to two sides only if absolutely necessary.

What is included in a Capability Statement?

A basic capability statement includes information about your company, and may include elements and features such as: introduction and company overview • core competencies • description of products and/or services • previous significant projects • management profile/s • major clients • contact details.

How do I write a business capability statement?

What to Include in Your Capability Statement

  1. a concise introduction and profile of your construction company.
  2. your contracting business’ core competencies.
  3. specific areas of experience and expertise that relate to the project(s)
  4. any differentiators that set your company apart, including equipment and facilities.

Do I need a capability statement?

The reason a capability statement lays the foundation is that it acts as a resume for your company. It’s a document that outlines why your organization is a good fit for a federal contract and what benefits you can provide the agency.

How much does a capability statement Cost?

Price $125.00 TAX The key elements of a Capability Statement. The difference between Core Competencies and Differentiators. The exact content and format of past performance.