How do you use flextime in GarageBand?

You double-click a song region to open an audio waveform editor and select the Enable Flex check box. You can also click a Show/Hide Flex button with an icon that resembles a bow tie. Then you can click and drag along the waveform to change the timing of notes and beats without influencing other recordings.

How do you flex pitch in GarageBand?

In the Tracks area of GarageBand on Mac, select the track you want to correct. Make sure the Track tab is selected in the Audio Editor inspector. Drag the Pitch Correction slider to the right to increase the amount of tuning adjustment, or drag it left to decrease the amount of adjustment.

Does GarageBand have flex pitch?

5. Flex Pitch. GarageBand does incorporate Logic’s Flex Time processing, which allows for time-stretching, audio quantization, and manual editing of individual note-timing—a pretty comprehensive feature set for a free DAW. But Logic also brings Flex Pitch to the party—this does for pitch what Flex Time does for timing.

What is enable flex on pitch correction?

The Enable Flex feature allows you to play around with the waveform itself to edit each note that is sung.

How do you speed up a track on GarageBand?


  1. Deselect all audio tracks in GarageBand.
  2. Press and hold Control + Alt + G.
  3. Double-click on the track you want to speed up or slow down (your track should turn purple)
  4. In the audio region, select FOLLOW PITCH AND TEMPO.
  5. In the lower LCD panel, cycle through the key measures until you reach the key tempo.

Can I autotune in Garageband?

Garageband has autotune and basic pitch correction software by default. It functions by selecting the key in the key signature display in the top-center of the DAW, checking the box, “Limit The Key,” and then pulling the slider over to the right from 0-100.

How do you pitch a shift in Garageband IOS?

Octaves: Tap the – and + buttons to raise or lower the pitch (green regions only). Semitones: Tap the – and + buttons to raise or lower the pitch (green regions only). Speed: Drag the Speed slider left to right to change the speed (tempo) of the cell.

Where is enable flex in GarageBand?

Turn on Flex Time In the Audio Editor of GarageBand on Mac, do one of the following: Select the Enable Flex checkbox in the Audio Editor inspector. Click the Show/Hide Flex button in the Audio Editor menu bar.

Can I autotune in GarageBand?