How do you use Epicure Chipster?

It is super simple to use the Epicure Chipster, you cut the potatoes thinly using a slicer – Epicure sells a great ceramic one, but I just use my regular one I have had for ages. Then arrange the potato slices on the chipster making sure they do not overlap and put it in the microwave.

How do you use Epicure potato chip maker?


  1. Arrange potatoes on Multipurpose Tray. Season liberally with your favourite Epicure seasoning.
  2. Microwave on high for approximately 3–4 minutes.

What is an epicure Chipster?

A review of the Epicure Chipster – a gadget that allows you to make homemade potato chips with personalized seasoning in the microwave in minutes.

What can you cook in Epicure steamer?

Cook the ground beef, ground chicken or pork in the steamer.

  • Epicure Butter Chicken. I’m a big fan of butter chicken and usually make it on the stove top.
  • Steamer Mac and Cheese. If you need a quick clean healthy meal then mac and cheese.
  • Epicure Steamer Oatmeal.
  • Epicure Steamer.
  • Me in my kitchen with my Epicure steamer.

How do you cook vegetables in an epicure steamer?

Combine vegetables and seasoning in Multipurpose Steamer. Cover with lid and microwave on high for 4–6 minutes until tender. Squeeze lemon or lime overtop just before serving.

Can I cook frozen chicken in the epicure steamer?

You can steam frozen chicken, ground beef, pork, seafood. You can cook rice, pasta, eggs, make soups, and so much more. It’s truly spectacular.

Can I cook pasta in my Epicure steamer?

Place water and pasta in a Multipurpose Steamer. Microwave with lid on for 8–10 minutes. Very carefully remove from microwave and drain. Stir in Mac & Cheese Seasoning, milk, and butter, if desired.

Can you cook frozen chicken in Epicure steamer?

Are Epicure steamers safe?

Epicure steamer saves so much time in the kitchen. It can be used in the microwave, oven and is dishwasher safe. The Multipurpose steamer is a true workhorse in the kitchen. You can cook an entire meal.

Can you cook ground beef in Epicure steamer?

Preparation. In Multipurpose Steamer, combine ground beef and seasoning. Cover; microwave on high for 5 min or until beef is cooked through.

How long do you cook broccoli in the epicure steamer?