How do you use down memory lane in a sentence?

Examples of ‘down memory lane’ in a sentence down memory lane

  1. My musical journey is a trip down memory lane as well as into unfamiliar terrain.
  2. So why this stroll down memory lane?
  3. Then he takes a walk down memory lane to the first moon landing.
  4. Take a walk down memory lane.

What does it mean when you go down memory lane?

: an imaginary path through the nostalgically remembered past —usually used in such phrases as a walk down memory lane.

What is the message of the poem brisk walk down memory lane?

Walking down memory lane can throw up many things we had forgotten and put us in touch with the past. By reliving these memories and letting them go, we can move into the future with hope and confidence. We will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

How do you walk down memory lane?

walk down memory lane My grandmother spends more time walking down memory lane these days than talking about the present. A: “How did your coffee date with John go?” B: “It was pretty amicable, actually. We walked down memory lane for a while, and then we went our separate ways.”

What does jog someone’s memory mean?

Definition of jog someone’s memory : to cause or help someone to remember something Maybe this photograph will jog your memory.

Are you reminiscing?

Reminisce is a dreamy way of saying “remember the past.” If you’re swapping old stories with friends and remembering all the silly things you used to do, then you’re reminiscing. Reminiscing is all about happy recollections and thinking back to stories from the past.

Do you capitalize memory lane?

Memory-lane definition (idiomatic, sometimes capitalized) A set of recollections available to be reviewed, especially accompanied by a feeling of nostalgia.

How do you explain memory?

Memory is the process of taking in information from the world around us, processing it, storing it and later recalling that information, sometimes many years later. Human memory is often likened to that of a computer memory system or a filing cabinet.

What does jar your memory mean?

When someone jars something loose in your memory, they said or done something that helps you remember a fragment of a larger memory.

What does commit memory mean?

to memorize
Definition of commit (something) to memory : to learn (something) so that one remembers it perfectly : to memorize (something) I committed the poem to memory.