How do you use Dolce Gusto for the first time?

How do I use my machine for the first time?

  1. Fill the water tank of the machine.
  2. Make sure to snap the water tank in the machine.
  3. Turn on your machine and wait until the LED is “green”.
  4. It is necessary to purge the machine before its first use.
  5. Fill up your water tank.
  6. Add a capsule in the capsule holder.

How much water do you put in a Dolce Gusto pod?

The Gusto cranks out beautiful Euro-sized 6-8oz drinks, or a wee drop (2 oz) of espresso. You can merrily push 16 ounces of hot steamy water through the capsules, but all you’ll get is a fairly horrible glass of hot brown/white water that will leave you jumpy and disappointed.

How long is 3 bars on Dolce Gusto?

15 seconds
So 3 bars means count 15 seconds , then push the lever back to the centre.

Can you put milk in Dolce Gusto instead of water?

Absolutely not. The milk is heated to boiling temperatures inside the coffee maker. This will cause a couple of problems: the milk could coagulate and clog the coffee maker.

What do the lines mean on Dolce Gusto pods?

They represent the amount off water that goes through each pod to make drink I have the mini dolce gusto and it has corresponding marks that you set for each pod. Amazon Customer. · 28 May 2017. 1 of 7 found this helpful.

Do you put hot or cold water in a Dolce Gusto?

– Fill the tank to the maximum with hot water (60°C). – Turn on the machine and select the large cup. – Take out and reposition the tank every 3 seconds.

What do the numbers mean on Dolce Gusto pods?

I have a Nescafé dolce gusto machine and when switched on it shows 6 bars on the front. The bars on the coffee pods denote the number of bars to press on the machine to get the right strength.

What do the levels on Dolce Gusto pods mean?

What do the bars mean on NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® pods? The bars on the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® pods reference how much water and/or milk is required to get it to the right strength. On our automatic coffee machines, it’s simply a case of setting the bars on the machine to match those on the pod.