How do you say I wish you a good day in German?

Probably something like “I wish you a good day”. In German that’s ich wünsche dir einen guten Tag.

How do you wish someone well in German?

Below are several German expressions of well-wishing:

  1. Ich halte/drücke (dir) die Daumen.
  2. Hals- und Beinbruch!
  3. (Ich wünsche) guten Appetit/gesegnete Mahlzeit.
  4. Prost!/ Auf Ihr Wohl!/ Zum Wohl!
  5. Ich wünsche Ihnen gute Reise!/ Gute Reise!
  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
  8. Gesundheit!

What are formal greetings in German?

Greetings – Sei(d) Gegrüßt! – The Words

Hello. Hallo. Grüß dich! casual Grüß Gott! In southern Germany and Austria. Guten Tag. Hello/Good Day. Guten Morgen/Guten Abend. Good morning/evening.
How are you? Wie geht es Ihnen? formal Wie geht es dir? casual

How do you say great day?

You can even use another language to spice up the greeting a bit.

  1. 01“Have a rock ‘n roll day.”
  2. 02“Peace out!”
  3. 03“Don’t overdo it!”
  4. 04“Hasta mañana.”
  5. 05“No wild parties while I’m gone, mister!”
  6. 06“So long!”
  7. 07“G’day, mate.”
  8. 08“Asalam walekum.”

How do you show respect in German?

Germans respect perfectionism in all areas of business and private life….Dress

  1. Being well and correctly dressed is very important.
  2. Casual or sloppy attire is frowned upon.
  3. For business, men should wear suits (dark colors) and ties. Women should wear dresses, suits, pantsuits, skirts and blouses.

Have a nice day or have a good day?

The phrase “have a nice day” spread to Britain from the United States. In Britain, the variants “have a fine day” and “have a good day” are frequently used in place of “have a nice day”.

How do you say have a great day in German?

Have a great day in German is “Ich wünsche ihnen einen wunderbaren Tag”. There are many other ways as well to greet: Wie geht’s? (How’s it going?) Geht es Ihnen gut? (Are you well?) Wie geht es dir? (How are you? [Informal]) Wie geht es Ihnen? (How are you? [Formal]) Gut, danke. (I’m fine, thank you.) Es geht mir sehr gut. (I’m very well.)

How do you greet someone in German?

There are numerous other expressions which are used in various parts of the country in different situations. For instance, in this part of Germany, work colleagues usually greet one another with “Servus, du”. If arriving for duty around lunchtime, it is customary to say “Mahlzeit”.

How do you Say Goodbye in German?

When used as a friendly form of goodbye, there is really only „Schönen Tag noch“ and it is important to not make it sound superficial, like Luke Proctor mentioned. „Noch“ is important here since it carries the goodbye part.

What is the correct way to say hello in German?

Much more common would be to say “schönen Tag,” polite to use with anyone, or “tschüss,” the more informal version. German is often considered one of the easier languages for English speakers to learn. That’s because these two languages are direct linguistic siblings—originating from the same mother tongue.