How do you play the clothespin game at a baby shower?

Playing the Game

  1. When guests arrive, hand a pin to each guest and have them attach it to a noticeable place on their clothing.
  2. Tell them your pre-selected “forbidden” word.
  3. The person who has the most pins when the game ends will win a prize.

How do you play pass the pacifier?

Pass The Pacifier How to play: Separate guests into teams of four or five and have them stand in a line with a straw in their mouths. The first person in line puts the pacifier onto their straw. When the host says “go!”, the first person passes the pacifier to the next person in line, straw to straw, no hands allowed.

How do you play the baby pin game?

How to play:

  1. Provide enough pins so that each one of your guests will have one when they arrive.
  2. Each guest will grab 1 pin and put it onto their shirt.
  3. Anytime a guest says “baby”, their pins can be stolen.
  4. The guest with the highest number of pins at the end of the baby shower wins!

How do you play the peg game baby shower?

Peg Game. Every guest is given a peg when they enter the shower. Whenever a guest hears someone else say “baby” they can take their peg. The person with the most pegs at the end of the party wins.

How does the clothespin game work?

The point of the game is for players to “steal” as many clothespins as they can from other guests, and the one (or two or three) left with the most clothespins at the end of the event wins. Players “steal” clothespins by catching another player saying a Forbidden Word.

What is the diaper game at a baby shower?

Ask each guest to take one diaper and keep it closed. After all baby shower guests have a diaper, ask everyone to open up their diapers at the same time. The two winners of this Dirty Diaper Game are the two baby shower guests holding the dirty diapers!

How to decorate baby shower game set with pacifier?

★ Pin the pacifier baby shower game set is perfect for baby shower celebrations and birthday party, which also great as the party gifts for your kids and can be used as room decoration, home decoration and wall decoration. 1. Use the double sided adhensive tape attach the baby poster to any wall. 2. Line the player up to five feet from the poster.

What can I do with a pacifier sticker?

One wear the eye mask, take a pacifier sticker and pin it on the poster, who is most close, who win! huge hit for Baby Shower Party or Birthday Party. Also can serve as home decorations, wall decorations, room decoration

Is the game “dummy” appropriate for a baby shower?

The issue I had was the wording by using the word “DUMMY “. I’ve never heard of a pacifier being called that and I found it inappropriate to refer to ANYTHING on this game as dummy in regards to the baby. I substituted the word DUMMY for BINKY which is more commonly known. Other than that, I think it’s a good game for a baby shower.