How do you open the Demon Doors in Fable anniversary?

Solution: Give the Demon Door all your silver keys. If you have avoided obtaining any silver keys prior to meeting the door, he will accept that and open straight away. Otherwise, it is advisable to open the door after you have opened all the Silver Chests, as you won’t get the keys back.

Which demon door gives you a million in Fable 3?

Pools of Sorrow This Demon Door can be found in the wooded area to the left of the path after entering the region from Mourningwood. To open the door, it quite simply requires you to be King or Queen of Albion. You receive 1,000,000 gold for accessing this door.

Where is the demon door in fable anniversary?

This door will only be available if you’re playing TLC or Fable Anniversary. Location: You’ll find this door at the Necropolis. The description for the door says that: “I never wanted to be a Demon Door.

How do you open the Demon door?

To open the Millfields Demon Door, the protagonist needs to be ugly and overweight (in the opinion of the door). This means that players have to get themselves to max weight by consuming plenty of fatty food like pies and fish. Whereas to become ugly, they need to wear some awful clothing.

How much money do you need to save everyone in Fable 3?

You’ll end up being 2.4 Million Dollars in the hole if you go with all the Good choices. This means you’ll need 8.9 Million Gold to save everyone.

How many demon doors are in Fable anniversary?

There are 15 Demon Doors in Fable Anniversary, which hold valuable items ranging from legendary weapons to viable potions to even unlocking entirely new areas or dimensions.

What is the best weapon in Fable anniversary?

If you’re returning to Fable Anniversary, you’ll want to know what the best weapons are and where to find them….Fable: The 10 Strongest Legendary Weapons And How To Get Them

  • 7 Ronok The Axe.
  • 6 The Harbinger.
  • 5 Katana Hiryu.
  • 4 Arken’s Crossbow.
  • 3 Murren Greathammer.
  • 2 Solus Greatsword.
  • 1 Sword Of Aeons.

What happens if you become mayor of bowerstone?

If you become Mayor, then you’ll gain access to Bowerstone Manor, just like if you had married Lady Grey. You will not, however, be able to access the Grey Manor Demon Door (which asks that you marry Lady Grey) should you choose to expose her.

Is marrying Lady GREY evil?

Also, there is nothing bad/evil about marrying Lady Grey. If you do so in ignorance of what she did, then nothing there is nothing wrong about it. Now if you investigate first then cover up for the marriage. Then you are straying into Evil territory.