How do you make IZAL germicide?

Quantities of Izal ingredients for making 5 liters of the Germicide

  1. 2 grams of Texapon (1 cup)
  2. 140 ml of Phenol (1 cup)
  3. 135 ml of Lysol liquid (1 cup)
  4. 100 ml of Pine oil – (1/2 cup)
  5. 140 ml of Izal Concentrate (1 cup)
  6. 5 grams of White binder – 1 cup.
  7. 140 ml of Carbolic acid – 1 cup.
  8. 135ml of Izal Booster – 1 cup.

What is IZAL disinfectant?

Izal is a germicidal disinfectant made from oil that was patented in 1893. This product can be available in liquid form, powdery form and as soap, cream, or oil. Izal contain about 0.2% of phenol and 0.7% of 0 phynyl-phenol.

How do we produce germicide in Nigeria?

Here, you will find the ingredients and methods to produce germicides in Nigeria for commercial and domestics use….Recipe For Production Of 5 Liters Germicide

  1. 1 cup of texapol.
  2. 1 cup of phenol.
  3. 1 cup of concentrate.
  4. 1 cup of booster.
  5. ½ cup of pine oil.
  6. 1 cup of carboxylic acid.
  7. 1 cup of Lysol.
  8. 1 cup of whitener.

What are the functions of IZAL?

Germicides such as Izal is a very vital disinfectant product in our homes, restaurants, eateries, hospitals, schools, and hotels; use for cleaning of floor, toilet, bathroom, kitchen counter or slabs and tiles. Izal is very easy to make and is quite cheap; it doesn’t consume much time neither does it consume energy.

How is IZAL disinfectant prepared?


  1. 140 ml of carbolic acid.
  2. 130 ml of Lysol.
  3. 140 ml of Phenol.
  4. 2 grams of Texapon.
  5. 100 ml of pine oil.
  6. 4 liters of water.
  7. 200 ml of Izal booster.
  8. 140 ml of Izal concentrate.

What is the active ingredient in IZAL?

Izal Suspension contains Saponated Cresol as an active ingredient.

Is IZAL used for bathing?

– izal disinfectant. used for: bathing house cleaning toilet washing etc #200. | Facebook.

How can we make IZAL disinfectant at home?

How to prepare 15 liters of Izal

  1. First get a bowl or bucket that takes 15liters.
  2. Add the phenol.
  3. Then add the texapon.
  4. Stir the mixture until is properly dissolved to avoid lumps.
  5. Add the pine oil, and keep on stirring.
  6. Followed by the Izal concentrate.
  7. Add the Izal scent.

How do you make disinfectants?

Recipe 4: Alcohol Disinfectant spray (non-vetted source)

  1. 12 ounces alcohol (95%) (preferably ethanol but can use other alcohol)
  2. 3 ½ ounces distilled water.
  3. ½ teaspoon hydrogen peroxide.
  4. 30-45 drops essential oil as desired (optional. For scent and antiviral and cleaning properties)

What is the formulation of Dettol?

Chloroxylenol is the active ingredient in Dettol. It comprises 4.8% of Dettol’s total admixture, and the rest is made up of pine oil, isopropanol, castor oil, soap and water. Dettol’s antiseptic property comes from chloroxylenol.

What are the ingredients in making Dettol?

Chloroxylenol is the main antiseptic ingredient in Dettol with the highest percentage of about 4.8 of the mixture that makes up Dettol; another percentage is gotten from pine oil, phenol, castor oil, isopropyl alcohol, and water.