How do you know if a journal is reputable?

How to Identify Reputable Journals

  1. Publisher. Who is the publisher of the journal?
  2. Peer review. Reputable journals use peer review in selecting manuscripts for publication.
  3. Editorial board. Most reputable journals have an international editorial board.
  4. Indexing.
  5. Consistency.

Is JBC a good journal?

It seemed that JBC, and other venerable, long-standing publications, had such a legacy and large loyal authorship it should go without saying what their advantages and strengths were. When I decided to take the Editorship, I put as an early goal to get the word out about the reasons JBC is a great journal choice.

Is water a good journal?

It is published by MDPI Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute. The overall rank of Water (Switzerland) is 6928. According to SCImago Journal Rank (SJR), this journal is ranked 0.718.

What are the most reliable scientific results published?

Research articles published in peer reviewed journals are the most trustworthy body of information on any specific topic.

What are fake journals?

Fake journals are the journals which do not perform peer review or minimal language editing in the name of peer review. Unaware of negative consequences of publishing in fake journals, budding or novice academician/clinician/researcher continue to fall prey for them.

Is Elsevier reputable?

Within scholarly communications, Elsevier has perhaps the single worst reputation. With profit margins around 37%, larger than Apple and big oil companies, Elsevier dominate the publishing landscape by selling research back to the same institutes that carried out the work.

WHO publishes JBC?

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyJournal of Biological Chemistry / Publisher

How do you cite JBC?

In JBC style, you insert numbers at appropriate places in the text where the idea or fact you just described came from someone else. You’ll use quotation marks around the text that is copied exactly from elsewhere.