How do you groom a Belgian Sheepdog?

Belgian Sheepdogs’ long, natural coats give them a rustic appearance, so they should never be groomed or trimmed to the point of losing their natural appearance. Plan to spend about 20 minutes a week brushing your Belgian Sheepdog with a pin brush, a slicker brush and a metal rake comb.

How long do Belgian Tervuren dogs live?

12 – 14 yearsBelgian Tervuren / Life span

Are Belgian Tervurens affectionate?

Temperament & Intelligence of the Belgian Tervuren They are affectionate with their families but can also be possessive of them. Proper socialization early and often is a must for this breed.

Are Belgian Tervurens good dogs?

1. Do Belgian Tervuren make good pets? Very much so – Belgian Tervurens are a fantastic family pet breed thanks to their gentle personality, agreeable nature, and high intelligence.

How often should you bathe a Belgian shepherd?

This highly intelligent and athletic dog can be bathed as frequently as every week up to no longer than every 6 weeks. Routine baths and blowouts, as well as frequent brushing, lay the groundwork for maintaining healthy skin and coat.

Are Belgian Tervuren protective?

Tervurens are known to be highly protective of their families. Are Belgian Tervurens Good Guard Dogs? In addition to herding, Belgian Tervurens were bred to guard the homestead and protect the flock on the way to market.

Is a Tervuren a Malinois?

The Tervuren is actually one of four types of Belgian sheepdogs (the other three being the Belgian Malinois, the Groenendael, and the Laekenois), which all served as herders and guard dogs.

What is an undercoat rake for dogs?

Undercoat rakes have many small, sharp, curved blades set close together that remove undercoat. They are available in a variety of tooth widths, making this tool suitable for a wide range of breeds. On shedding breeds, they can remove dead, fuzzy undercoat in minutes, yet leave the top coat shiny and healthy.

When can you bathe a Belgian puppy?

Are Belgian Tervurens good with children?

Are Belgian Tervurens Good with Kids? The Tervuren’s loyalty extends to the kids in their family, but children may be disappointed that the breed tends to pay more attention to adults. Tervs should always be watched when playing with children, because they may nip when they feel rambunctious tots need herding.