How do you get the World Tree Guardian medal?

Upon completion of the Root Abyss storyline quests, you will be rewarded with the World Tree Guardian medal. Stop the Root Abyss Seal Guardians! Take note that there is an unlimited entry count.

How do you get the Root Abyss Master title?

Return to Alicia after defeating Chaos Von Bon, Chaos Pierre, Chaos Crimson Queen, and Chaos Vellum 10 times each. You defeated the four guardians of Root Abyss. Alicia showed her thanks and gave you the title as a gift.

What level is chaos root abyss?

Level 180
World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – The Loop

Quest Name Requirements
[Root Abyss] Chaos Pierre Crusher Level 180
[Root Abyss] Chaos Crimson Queen Crusher Level 180
[Root Abyss] Chaos Vellum Crusher Level 180
[Root Abyss] Root Abyss Master Level 180

Where is the World Tree Maplestory?

Dark World Tree is an area located near Sleepywood, where Damien’s former (and current) soldiers reside.

How do you get the specialist title in Maplestory?

If you complete these specific missions on other characters, you’ll receive alternate rewards. If you successfully complete the Step Up event, you’ll receive the Maple Specialist Title: STR/DEX/LUK/INT +10 MaxHP: +500, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +5, Monster Def Ignored +10%. Tradeable within account.

How do you get medals in Maplestory?

Medals are titles given to the player through completing certain things, such as job advancing or completing certain quests or having been to certain/many locations. Some medals give the player stats while others are just for definition. When equipped they appear below the player’s name and guild tag.

Can I solo root abyss?

Re: Root Abyss solo? Yes you should be able to solo each reg.

How often can you do chaos root abyss?

You can clear Chaos Root Abyss once per week. You need to have defeat each normal Root Abyss boss 10 times before you can take on the CRA version.