How do you get the armory in DCUO?

Every character receives one free Armory once they reach experience level 10. Additional Armories can be purchased from the Marketplace. Since game update 80 all 16 armories possible per player character can be placed into one base.

What does an armory do DCUO?

An Armory is a type of base amenity that allows a player to set up and imprint a predetermined build for their character. A player can imprint their character’s current style, equipment, loadouts, roles, power point, and skill point allocations to the Armory.

How do you change loadouts in DCUO?

Up on the dpad opens a small menu where it’ll say “switch roles” or something along those lines. As for accessing your stealth loadout, if Gadgets you need to have the power called “Stealth” in your loadout. If activated you can use the load out you have set for it.

How do I change my lair theme DCUO?

When you are choosing your new base, there’s an option just above the list of locations on the left. Your theme determines the location.

How do you get henchmen in DCUO?

You can get regular henchmen by visiting the generator or whatever it is called in your base/lair. They will not look as cool but they do the same exact thing.

How many bases can you have in DCUO?

8 bases
Since game update 110 any player character can have up to 8 bases.

Can you buy generator mods DCUO?

Generator Mods are mods which can be put into the generator of bases. Like Tactical Mods they are not build through Research and Development, but drop randomly from instances or can be bought from a vendor.

How do you get equipment mods in DCUO?

To craft an equipment mod at a research and development table, a player has to research a plan and combine an Equipment Interface with one or several Exobytes, plus other items obtained from salvaging from superfluous gear (Simple Material, Complex Materials) or dropped by enemies (Focusing Element).

Where do I get affinity mods DCUO?

The mods can be purchased from a new vendor in the Tech wings of the HQs and have a POI marker on the map. They are also available from the Amenity R&D Vendor.

How do you get the orbital strike in GTA 5?

To be able to purchase the Orbital Cannon in GTA Online, players will first need to buy a Facility. The Facility is an underground base, added to the game as part of the Doomsday Heist. The cheapest Facility costs $1,250,000 in GTA Online. The most expensive one is priced at a staggering $2,950,000.