How do you get into the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time Master Quest?

Light the torch (Din’s Fire), talk to the Goron and open the chest to get the key. Go back to the lava lake, hookshot yourself down and walk across the lava to the locked door. Open it and enter.

How do you find Saria in the forest temple?

Back to Kokiri Village After entering the villiage, walk to the left and around the front of the first tree hut. To the right of the house will be a ledge. Jump onto the ledge then turn right and climb up the vines to enter the Lost Woods. You can hear Saria’s song playing throughout the forest.

Where is Din’s Fire?

Hyrule Castle
Din’s Fire is obtained from the Great Fairy of Magic near Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of Time.

How can I learn Bolero of fire?

The “Bolero of Fire” is taught to Link as an adult by Sheik in Death Mountain Crater after the hero receives the Goron Tunic from Darunia’s son and enters the crater. By using the Ocarina of Time, the melody allows Link to warp to the Death Mountain Crater, right before the entrance to the Fire Temple.

How do you extinguish a flare dancer?

A Flare Dancer is defeated by removing the core from its ‘body’ composed of fire, which can be done with the Hookshot, Megaton Hammer, or by throwing Bombs.

How do I find Saria?

Once Link has met with Princess Zelda, he can find Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow, where she will teach the young hero the song she has composed. This song allows Link to speak with her at any time and is also used to brighten Darunia’s mood, thus allowing him to grant Link access to Dodongo’s Cavern.

How is Saria pronounced?


What if you forgot your scarecrow song?

If you don’t remember it, talk to Bonooru as a child and he will tell you it again. Just take out the ocarina in front of him if you want to make a new one. Then you have to return to him as an adult and play it for him again, proving you remember it, if you want it to actually work.