How do you get bolts in Inventor?

In the Placement area of the Design Tab, check Follow Pattern box. A bolted connection is inserted in every patterned hole. In the Thread area, select the type and diameter of thread. Select the Click to add a fastener text in the right area of the Design tab and populate the bolted connection.

How do you make a hex bolt in Inventor?

Tutorial: How to model a hexagonal bolt in Autodesk Inventor?

  1. Invoke a sketch in Inventor and make a polygon with 6 sides i.e., a hexagon.
  2. Finish the sketch.
  3. Extrude the profile to a certain limit.
  4. Click OK to finish extrusion.
  5. Right click on this plane and invoke a sketch.
  6. Sketch a circle->finish sketch.
  7. Extrude it.

How do you make a threaded rod in Inventor?

To Create Threads

  1. Click 3D Model tab Modify panel Thread .
  2. In the graphics window, select a face for the thread location.
  3. Set the Thread Length:
  4. Click the Specification tab to set the thread type using predefined types from the Thread data spreadsheet:
  5. Click OK.

What does lightning bolt mean in Inventor?

This indicates that 1 or more library parts are referencing a library that no longer exists or has been migrated.

How do you add a nut and bolt in Inventor?

Place nut or washer into assembly

  1. Select the bolt shank to identify the appropriate nut diameter and thread, or proper washer diameter. Then, select the target planar face. You can select a circular edge of a hole to insert nut, washer, and so on.
  2. Click Apply.

How do you make a polygon in Inventor?

The Polygon tool creates polygons with up to 120 sides.

  1. Click Sketch tab Create panel Polygon .
  2. In the Polygon dialog box, choose one of the following options:
  3. Enter the number of edges you want the shape to have.
  4. Click in the graphics window to set the center of the polygon and then drag to create the shape.

How do you make threads in Inventor 2020?

To Create Threads

  1. Type: Specify a thread type from the list defined in the spreadsheet.
  2. Size: Specify a nominal size (diameter) for the chosen Thread Type.
  3. Designation: Specify a pitch.
  4. Class: Specify a thread class for the chosen Size and Designation.
  5. Direction: Specify the direction of the thread.

How do you update an assembly in Inventor?

To Apply Updates to Files

  1. On the ribbon, click Tools tab Options panel Application Options .
  2. Click the Assembly tab, and then select the Defer Update check box to defer updates until you click Update in the active file.
  3. Clear the check box to update automatically.

How do I access the Content Center in Inventor?

On the Inventor installer landing page, click Autodesk Inventor Content Libraries. Click the down arrow and select the libraries you want access to. Click the up arrow to close and return to the product list.

How do I install content library in Inventor?

To install Inventor Content Center Libraries: The default location is: “C:\Autodesk”. If it is not there, then it needs to be re-downloaded from your Autodesk Account. Click Install and wait until the installation finishes.