How do you get bad karma in Infamous 2?

There are many ways to gain Bad Karma aside from making major game decisions.

  1. Kill or harm innocents.
  2. Bio leech anyone, even enemies.
  3. Killing anybody who is arc restrained.
  4. Complete Bad Karma (red) Side Quests.
  5. Kill groups of cops.
  6. Silence street performers.
  7. Silence protesters (with a car to the face)

How to get both powers in Infamous 2?

Unlock All Powers Complete the story twice, once with the Hero route and a second time as Infamous. Upon completing it the second time you’ll be granted access to both sets of powers and given 15,000 bonus XP.

What does karma do in Infamous?

Positive Karma This reflects their powers; able to focus and take down single enemies more accurately, avoiding large, uncontrolled attacks that could hurt or kill innocent bystanders. Cole and Delsin also remain the same during this mental state, appearing as the “symbol of help”.

What is the last mission in Infamous 2?

MISSION 21 As this is the last mission in the game it’s worth exploring Seattle one last time for any Blast Shards you may have missed. Don’t upgrade with them just yet though, wait until you earn a new power a little later on. You’ll need around 15-20 Blast Shards to make the final boss fight a lot easier.

How do you get evil karma fast?

Here’s how to go from good to evil karma quickly: Get near a hospital and kill yourself. When you spawn, lots of people will be around you. Shoot and drain people. When they flee, kill yourself and repeat.

Is it better to be good or bad in inFAMOUS second son?

If you choose good karma, your tribe will generally be a lot more accepting of you. They will want you back home and rejoice when you get home. If you choose evil karma, they do not have the same reaction. I won’t ruin the story here, but let’s just say they are not pleased with what you have done.

Can you skip scenes in infamous second son?

Quite a few people (including Cliff Bleszinski) wondered why we couldn’t skip cutscenes in the game, with Schramm explaining, “Lots going on behind the scenes during many cutscenes (loading/setting Time of Day), so not easy to skip unfortunately.” Schramm also confirmed that the 30fps cap feature would be optional, and …

Can you switch karma in inFamous?

You can shift your Karma but you won’t get any skill points back, so you wouldn’t be able to unlock any Evil Karma abilities. You would also lose access to any abilities that require Good Karma to unlock. If you want to check out the Evil stuff, make a second save file and play the game again with Evil Karma.

What is the RFI in inFamous 2?

Ray Field Inhibitor
The Ray Field Inhibitor, often abbreviated as the RFI, was a device created by Dr. Sebastian Wolfe, as a counter-measure to the Ray Field Plague. The device, as its name suggests, inhibits Ray Field Energy, functioning like an anti-Ray Sphere.

Who is the beast inFamous?

John White
John White, also known as The Beast, is the overarching antagonist of the inFamous video game franchise, serving as the tritagonist and the overarching antagonist of inFamous, the main antagonist of inFamous 2, and one of the two posthumous overarching antagonists (alongside Kessler) of inFamous: Second Son and …