How do you get a relic in Mountain Village?

It is located in the area at the top of the waterfall north of the village. It is accessible on the first visit to Mountain Village but only after obtaining the climbing axe. See here for how to reach that area. Once there, climb to the upper floor of the larger hut to find the box with the relic.

How do you get the Treasure Map in Mountain Village Tomb Raider?

Use our Tomb of the Unworthy Guide to reach the treasure. Click on the thumbnail to see the original image. Raiding this optional Tomb will also unlock the Treasure Map for Mountain Village.

How do you beat the Tomb in Mountain Village?

BY THIS CLIMBING AXE SHE RULES This tool will let Lara reach the communications tower at the enemy mountain base. Note that with the climbing axe, Lara can complete the Tomb of the Unworthy and get at least one of the area’s treasure maps; she will need the Rope Arrow to reach the other tomb.

How do you get the relic in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Relic (8) can be found once you start exploring Ancient Aqueduct tomb. The doll is inside the chest that can be found when you get out of the water.

Where is relic mountain?

Elevation: 5003 feet, 1525 meters

Latitude/Longitude (WGS84) 48° 0′ 9” N, 121° 16′ 46” W 48.002627, -121.279504 (Dec Deg)
Country United States
State/Province Washington
County/Second Level Region Snohomish

What are GPS caches for in Tomb Raider?

GPS Caches are special collectibles in Tomb Raider. Most Levels contain multiple caches. After collecting all GPS caches, you will hear a tune and Lara will find a note inside the last GPS cache. Once the Note has been found, Lara will receive 1.000 Salvage and a Concept Art will unlock.

Where is the treasure map in base exterior?

The Base Exterior Treasure Map is on the center “dais” (for lack of a better term), There is that is reachable only by zip-line from the area’s local base camp. While you are here, You are gonna want to clear out the shield soldier from the fortress, and then pacify the interior.

Where are the tombs in Mountain Village Tomb Raider?

Note: You’ll be able to explore this tomb only after getting back from the radio tower. The entrance is located in the north-eastern part of the Mountain Village, which you first enter on your way to the blue smoke signal.

Where are all the relics in Riders Republic?

Riders Republic Relic Locations

  • Plane Wing Jetpack.
  • Pizza Delivery Bike.
  • Old School Skis.
  • Surfboard.
  • Training Bike.
  • Grandpa Bike.
  • Wooden Ski Blades.
  • Destroyed Bike.