How do you feed murrel fish?

The fishes are fed by combination of both low market value fish and rice bran with a ratio of 3:1 to 8:1. This also highly varies due to fish availability in the local market and market value of the fish at a given time.

Is murrel a good fish?

Murrel fish is one of the popular fresh water and tasty fish in India. 2-Improve skin and hair. 4-May ease depression. 5-May boost brain development and eye health.

What is the food for Koramenu fish?

Koramenu (murrel Fish Feed), Packaging Type: Bag, Packaging Size: 40 Kg

Brand Ashish feeds
Fish Type murrel
Packaging Size 40 kg
Packaging Type Bag
Features sinking pellet

How much should I feed my murrel fish?

Feed requirement As murrel are carnivorous, good quality protein rich pellets can be given to the weaned fish. Feeding can be done at the rate 5% of the body weight of fish during the initial period and 2-3 % during the later stage of culture.

How long does murrel take to grow?

The expected growth in a year is 600-700gm over a period of 8-10 months. For better growth of the fish and to improve the feed conversion efficiency, it is advisable to control the water temperature. Since murrel is air breathing fishes, they can survive in less dissolved oxygen level.

Why is murrel expensive?

The owners of the mechanised boats in Bhogapuram and Pusapatirega are repairing their boats. Only the fishermen, who can venture into the sea with the help of country boats, are fishing now, and getting less fish to shore. So, the price of the fish has become costlier than normal days.

What kind of fish is murrel?

Murrel is considered to be the most economical freshwater fish species which can be cultured. They belong to the family “Channidae” and is also called as snake-head fish. Murrel is one of the indigenous air breathing fish; there is a suprabranchial accessory respiratory organ in the murrel head.

Is murrel farming profitable?

Murrel fish demand is very high in the market and can be sold in open markets at Rs. 400-500 per kg. Consumer preferences, lucrative market value and their ability to withstand adverse water conditions make them suitable candidate species for freshwater aquaculture.

How do you farm snakehead fish?

Hybrid snakehead fish is generally farmed intensively in ponds and fed with extruded feeds. As the availability of water is limited and its usage is restricted, farmers farm the fish without any water exchange or by limited water exchange.