How do you desensitize a jumpy horse?

If the horse is especially skittish, I simply start by holding a plastic bag and rubbing it all over the horse. If the horse tries to step away from the bag, I’m going to go with the movement and keep the bag on them until they stop trying to escape from it. Once they relax, then I’ll release the pressure.

How do you fix a horse that spooks easily?

Redirect Nervous Energy. When your horse spooks at an object, put his feet to work immediately. Trot him in a circle around the object, or if you’re not able to circle the object, circle in front of it. You can even trot or lope him back and forth in front of the object, such as a fence line.

How do you break a skittish horse?

Desensitizing can help any horse overcome fears. Gather an assortment of objects that your horse might find intimidating. Tarps, plastic bags, ropes, flags, noise-makers, balls, balloons . . . these are just some ideas. Introduce a “scary” object to your horse while they are on a lunge line in an enclosed round pen.

Can a spooky horse be fixed?

Usually, the younger the horse is, the easier it is to reduce or eliminate spooky behavior, but horses of all ages can be calmed and encouraged to enjoy new experiences.

Why does my horse spooks at everything?

Often a horse’s natural reaction to something that it doesn’t understand is to spook or shy. A spook is usually a startled jump sideways, or a quick change of direction with the intention to flee. The horse may or may not want to keep their eyes on the object that frightens them.

How do you bond with a grumpy horse?

Use your hands to create a bond and connection. Find your horse’s itchy spots and give him a good scratch until his lips quiver as he thoroughly enjoys your attention. Become aware of his tight muscles or stiff limbs and gently massage and rub on him rather than just brushing the dirt off before riding.