How do you declare tabstrip?

To define a tabstrip area using the graphical layout editor, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Screen Painter, switch to change mode and choose the tabstrip control icon from the element palette.
  2. Define the size of the tabstrip control.
  3. Assign a name to the new tabstrip control.

What is tabstrip in SAP ABAP?

A tabstrip control is a screen element that is made up of multiple tab pages. Every tab page contains a one line tab title associated with a function code and which can be used to select the tab page by clicking once. Under the tab title, a tab page is made up of a subscreen area.

What is tab strip control?

A tabstrip control is a screen object consisting of two or more pages. Each tab page consists of a tab title and a page area. If the area occupied by the tabstrip control is too narrow to display all of the tab titles, a scrollbar appears, allowing you to reach the titles that are not displayed.

How many default tabs do we have on tabstrip?

two tab titles
By default, new tabstrip controls have two tab titles.

How do I create a subscreen in module pool ABAP?

Sub Screen in Module Pool Program

  1. Lets create a module pool program (Type – M).
  2. Provide the screen number ‘0001’ and then click on the Tick button to Continue.
  3. Provide the description and select the normal screen and then click on the Layout Button to design the screen in the screen painter(SE51).

What is the default property of TabStrip?

the SelectedItem property
The TabStrip is implemented as a container of a Tabs collection, which in turn contains a group of Tab objects. The default property for a TabStrip is the SelectedItem property.

Does tab strip control supports the Click event?

The TabStrip control does not support the Click event. The default property for a TabStrip is the SelectedItem property.

How do you call a subscreen in SAP ABAP?

CALL SUBSCREEN sub_area INCLUDING prog dynnr. This statement is used to include the subscreen dynpro of the program defined in prog and the dynpro number defined in dynnr in the subscreen area sub_area of the current dynpro, and to process its PBO flow logic at this point.

What is subscreen area in ABAP?

A subscreen is an independent screen that is displayed in an area of another (“main”) screen. Subscreens allow you to embed one screen within another at runtime. You can include multiple sub-screens on main screen.

How do you create a table control in module pool?

Steps to create table control

  1. Declare the table control. As well as drawing the table control on the screen it is necessary to declare the table.
  2. Adding table control to a screen. In the graphical screen editor choose the table control element button.
  3. Adding Field to a table control.
  4. Adding label for each column.

How do you create a table control in module pool program?

Step 1: Go to SE80, select “Program” from the dropdown list and enter the name of the Module Pool Programming. Step 2: A pop-up will rise and ask you to create it. Click on Yes. Step 3: Another Pop will come out to ask you to enter the name of the module pool program.