How do you comment on a beautiful painting?

Lovely Comments on the Art ExhibitionBrilliant! Very Much enjoyed the show. Hope you take it to other places for more people to see. What wonderful creativity – a joy to view! Too hard to select a favourite!“Found it difficult to leave the building once I saw this amazing art. Amazing, interesting and joyful. Thank you”This “Art” is fantastic!

How do you compliment a girl?

Great Compliments For GirlsYou are gorgeous.You are lovely.You do not need makeup. You are already so naturally beautiful.You are adorable.You are really cute.You are adorable.You look mesmerizing.You look prettier than a picture.

How do children develop artistic talent?

How to nurture your child’s artistic talents» Find inexpensive art materials to use. » Look for art all around you. » Do art projects with your child. » Encourage your child to talk about their creations. » Display the art around the house. » Use wordless picture books to jump-start the creative brain. » Visit art museums.