How do you change the implement width on a EZ Steer?

Select the icon and then press o. Set the implement width, the overlap/skip, and the offsets.

How do I calibrate my EZ Steer 500?

If the EZ-Steer 500 system is connected to the lightbar, the EZ-Steer Calibration Wizard automatically appears after the Quick Start Wizard when the lightbar is turned on. Note — To manually start the EZ-Steer Calibration Wizard, select Configuration / Auto Steer / EZ-Steer / EZ-Steer Calibration.

How do I reset my EZ Guide 500?

Hold down the “I” and “II” buttons on the LH side when you power up the screen. When the little bar across the bottom of the screen starts to move really really REALLY slow, then let go of the buttons. This will perform a ‘soft’ reset on the screen.

How does EZ Steer work?

EZ-Steer is a simple portable hands-free steering system for all vehicle models, old and new. The EZ-Steer system turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and a drive motor, which is commanded indirectly by an output from the guidance display.

How accurate is EZ Guide 250?

With a built-in GPS receiver, you can reach sub-meter accuracy, and upgrade to the AG15 antenna and get 6-8” accuracy making the 250 a great buy for broadacre crop applications.

How do I reset my Trimble GPS?

There are two way to do this: Power on the receiver and hold the power button for 30+ seconds until the “external frequency” light comes on then goes off. Release the power button and the receiver will reboot (all lights flashing) as the kernel gets reloaded.

How do I delete a field in Trimble 500?

Deleting Fields From the main guidance screen, select and press . The Configuration screen appears. 2. Select Configuration / Data Management / Manage Fields / Delete Selected Fields.

How do I update my EZ Guide 250?


  1. Insert the USB drive into the EZ-Guide 500 or 250 and then turn on power.
  2. The new firmware will automatically be detected and you will be prompted to install it (this may take several minutes).
  3. The firmware upgrade will proceed and the EZ-Guide 500 or 250 will automatically reboot when it has completed.​

Are the documentation for the EZ-steer system and EZ Guide Plus interchangeable?

The EZ-Steer system works differently with the EZ-Guide Plus lightbar, so the documentation is not interchangeable. Put the vehicle seat and steering wheel in the normal operating position and check that the EZ-Steer motor does not interfere with any controls, for example, throttle, gears, or wipers.

Which vehicles are supported by the EZ-steer system?

It Is supported by more than 1200 vehicles at the time, including both new and old ones. The EZ-steer system uses a motor paired up with a friction wheel. This motor receives information from any Trimble display which is supported by this device.

How do I use the EZ-steer 500 system?

Remain in the vehicle while the EZ-Steer 500 system is engaged. Use the EZ-Steer 500 system only in an open field. Do not engage on any type of road. After using the system Turn off the EZ-Steer 500 system power switch or remove the power plug before exiting the vehicle.

How do I check the torque sensor on my ez steer?

Here’s how to check the torque sensor. Only unplug the small plug with 4 colored wires (red, white, black, and green) from the ECU Turn the key to the “on” position to power up the EZ STEER power steering unit Probe the red wire with the positive side of the multimeter and the black wire with the negative side of the multimeter