How do you calculate RLS Tok?

The RLS can be drawn from a range of sources. It can come from a local domain of personal, school or community concerns. This could be something that has interested you in your own life or that is relevant to your local area. Alternatively, it can be drawn from wider national, international or global concerns.

How do I fill out a TOK presentation?

how to fill in the presentation planning document: tk/ppdIntroduction.Title of presentation.Indicate the duration of the presentation.Indicate the number of participants in the presentation.Describe your real life situation.State your knowledge question (this must be expressed as a question).

What counts as good evidence for a claim?

That is why they require evidence. Evidence is the concrete facts used to support a claim. Ideally, evidence is something everyone agrees on, or something that anyone could, with sufficient training and equipment, verify for themselves.