How do you become FIDIC certified?

Application requirements

  1. A minimum of 10 years of professional experience AND.
  2. A minimum of 3 years professional experience in the management of aspects of construction FIDIC contracts (Red, Yellow, Silver Book)

What is FIDIC course?

This training course is designed for those who are responsible for the development of contracts and supervision of the implementation process, as well as administrators in the legal departments whose job requires the preparation, formulation and implementation of contracts at private and governmental organizations.

Who can be a FIDIC engineer?

Who is the Engineer? The Engineer fulfils the project manager or contract administration role in the FIDIC Yellow2 and Red3 Books. 4 Under Clause 3.1, the Engineer can be a person or “a legal entity” (i.e. a company, partnership, etc).

How many books are there in FIDIC?

In 1999, FIDIC has published the First Edition of FIDIC Rainbow Suite that consists of three leading and most known books; the Red Book, the Yellow Book and the Silver Book. There are other FIDIC Construction Contracts, as well. However, they are mostly related to a particular type of project or sector.

What is a FIDIC engineer?

A FIDIC Certified Consulting Engineer is a professional engineer in his/her country of origin who, by virtue of specialized FIDIC training and examination, is recognized as an individual who understands the FIDIC body of knowledge as it pertains to the business of consulting engineering.

Is India a member of FIDIC?

FIDIC currently has about 100 Member Associations which represent over one million engineering professionals and 40,000 firms globally….FIDIC Member Associations & Associates.

Australia Consult Australia
India Consulting Engineers Association of India

What is the FIDIC Red Book?

The Red Book provides conditions of contract for construction works where the design is carried out by the Employer. The current Red Book bears little resemblance to its predecessors. Earlier versions of the Red Book were drafted for use on civil engineering projects.

What is engineer at FIDIC?

Who is the Engineer? The Engineer is ‘the person named in the Contract Data appointed by the Employer to act as the Engineer for the purposes of the Contract, or any replacement appointed under Sub-Clause 3.6 [Replacement of an Engineer]’ (Sub-Clause 1.1. 35).

Is FIDIC used in USA?

FIDIC document are by the Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils. Although well-known internationally, FIDIC forms of contract are rarely used in the United States.

Is FIDIC used in the UK?

The use of the FIDIC forms of contract is a growing phenomenon in the UK. Traditional contracting in the UK uses contracts such as the old ICE contract (now the ACE’s ICC contract), JCT forms of contract or various process engineering contracts.

Is FIDIC used in Canada?

FIDIC organizes international and regional conferences and training programs, and its publications are widely used in the engineering industry. These include project contract forms, professional services agreements, and international best-practice guides….

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Is FIDIC used in India?

One standard FIDIC form extensively used in the Indian construction industry is the Plant and Design/Build Contract. Design-only contracts prevalent in India are largely inspired by the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design/Build (the “FIDIC Yellow Book”).