How do you adjust the tailgate on a Chevy Silverado?

To align the tailgate:

  1. Loosen both pickup box side hinge bolts (1) on the right and left side.
  2. Install shims (2) on both sides, if needed.
  3. Hand-tighten the bolts (1) on each side.
  4. Close the tailgate and adjust for fit and flushness, both up-down and fore-aft.
  5. Open the tailgate and tighten the bolts.

What is a tailgate torsion bar?

Features: Lift assist allows you to easily lift and lower your truck bed tailgate Torsion bar takes on the weight of the tailgate to make it easy to open Stress on the bar is released when you close Hopkins. Truck.

What is EZ Lift power/lock and release tailgate?

EZ Lift-and-Lower tailgate is a General Motors convenience technology that makes using a pickup truck’s tailgate easier and more convenient.

What is a Multiflex tailgate?

The Multi-Flex Tailgate makes it easier than ever to access your bed. When the tailgate is down, you can fold the inner gate down, creating extra space for you to step closer to the bed and reach more of your cargo. The final configuration is the full-width step.

How does a soft open tailgate work?

It preloads tension on the spring as the tailgate opens, alllowing the tailgate to open without dropping down with such force. That tension that is loaded on the spring allows closing the tailgate with less effort.

How do you open a stuck tailgate on a Silverado?

How to Open a Stuck Tailgate on a Chevy Truck

  1. Remove the inner tailgate cover or, on newer trucks, remove the tailgate handle trim bezel. The inner cover is held in place by screws.
  2. Operate the handle and observe the latch rods in action. Use needle-nose locking pliers to clip onto one of the rods.

How do you open a stuck f150 tailgate?

You can access the tailgate latch internals by taking off the access panel on the inside of the tailgate. Try standing on the bumper or your hitch while pulling on the handle straight up. That’s how I got mine to open when the latch rod inside popped out. It’s held in by little clips and one of the clips broke.

What is Ford tailgate lift assist?

A Ford F-150 tailgate lift assist is designed to maintain your truck’s tailgate. Frequent use of your tailgate can cause it to wear out fast. A tailgate lift assist is also referred to as a tailgate shock assist. It slows down the speed at which your tailgate drops.

Does the tailgate lock on 2021 Silverado?

Custom and Custom Trail Boss specs now feature the Custom Convenience Package and Infotainment Package as standard, which includes the EZ Lift power lock and release tailgate, LED cargo bed lighting, remote start, available SiriusXM radio, available OnStar, and more.

Which Silverado has the Multiflex tailgate?

The Multi-Flex Tailgate will be offered as an option on all 2022 Silverado HD models, in addition to the segment-exclusive Power Up/Down Tailgate option on LT, LTZ and High Country. Also new for the 2022 model year is a new exterior color, Greenstone Metallic. The 2022 Silverado HD is available this summer.