How do you adjust the pushrod on a twin cam?

Pushrod Adjustment

  1. Bring Cam to Base circle for the tappets you wish to adjust. Rotate the engine.
  2. Adjust the pushrods. Bring pushrods to Zero lash, no up and down movement, tight against rocker arm, and tight against tappet/lifter.
  3. If you cannot spin the pushrod, you have S&S Limited Travel tappets (HL2T kit).

Are push rods adjustable?

The pushrods are designed especially for engines with low-mass rocker arms and a light valve train, with drop-in fitment in LS engines. They can be adjusted over a range of . 172″ in . 004″ increments with shims, sold in sets of 16 by thickness or as a 240-piece set containing all available thickness options.

What happens when push rods are too short?

The lash created by having too short of a pushrod can cause anything from excess valvetrain noise to component failure of the cam, lifter, or rocker arm. It can also cause damage to the pushrod, valve tip, or even the valveguide.

Are stock Harley pushrods adjustable?

Stock pushrods only push the tappet . 100″ into the tappet bore, as where an adjustable can be set deeper, or to . 150″ into the bore, keeping tappets quieter, with larger, flatter cam lobes.

What happens if your pushrods are too long?

If the pushrod is too short, the mark will be toward the intake (inboard) side of the valve tip. If the pushrod is too long, the travel will be toward the outboard or exhaust side of the valve tip. An ideal pushrod length will minimize the travel across the center of the valve tip.

How do you determine pushrod length?

Place the ball in the cup and measure the overall length including the ball. Then subtract half the ball diameter (0.1562-inch) to get the overall length. As an example, if the pushrod measures 7.6562 0.1562 = 7.500 inches.

What do longer pushrods do?