How do men use Biotherm?


  1. Step 1: Cleanse regularly. Since men typically have oilier skin, cleansing regularly is especially important.
  2. Step 2: Use a lotion.
  3. Step 3: Moisturize your skin.
  4. Step 4: Wear sunscreen daily.
  5. Step 5: Exfoliate twice a week.

Is Biotherm owned by Loreal?

L’Oreal owns many companies, and people are rarely aware that skin care brands like Vichy, LaRoche Posay, Biotherm, Lancome, Garnier, Kiehl’s, Decleor and SkinCeuticals (amongst others) fall under the great l’Oreal umbrella.

Is Biotherm a French brand?

Biotherm is a French skin care company owned by L’Oréal under the Luxury Products division.

Is Biotherm good for acne?

The formula reduces impurities, tightens pores, refines texture, and purifies the skin. You’ll love how fresh and clean your skin feels after using this! Exfoliating your skin a few times a week will remove dead skin cells which cause an overproduction of oil as well as breakouts.

How do you use Homme aquapower Biotherm?

Experience powerful hydration for your skin with Aquapower by Biotherm Homme, the world’s no. 1 moisturizer in men’s premium skincare.

  1. Take a dose of hydrating gel from the palm of your hand.
  2. Smooth gel moisturizer using both hands over the entire face from the center to the periphery.
  3. Finish with the neck.

What country is Biotherm from?

Safe. Born in the French Pyrenees, raised in Monaco, made in France, we amplify the power of nature to create premium skincare that is more natural, more potent and more sustainable.

Is Biotherm natural?

Biotherm is produced in top end research laboratories in Monaco and is a natural product that is results orientated and truly effective as a beauty product.

What is Biotherm aquapower?

Biotherm’s unique Aquapower range is a collection of fresh and perfectly hydrating moisturizers, gel creams, lotions and cleaners for men. Discover the best skin care products for men with dry skin by revitalizing your skin with Aquapower’s fresh sensation and long-lasting comfort.

How do you use Biotherm aquapower fermented clear essence?

Use the essence in the morning after your cleanser. Take 6 drops and warm up in your hands.

Is Biotherm organic?

The Biotherm labs have combined in their sun protection products two Mexoryl® organic filters (UV absorbent) and a mineral filter (that reflects radiation)*. This « filtration system offers sun protection whatever the sun conditions, and protects efficiently against UVA/UVB rays.

Does Biotherm have parabens?

Rating Summary. SkinSAFE has reviewed the ingredients of Biotherm Lait Corporel L’Original, 13.52 fl oz and found it to be 91% Top Allergen Free and free of Nickel, Top Common Allergy Causing Preservatives, Lanolin, Paraben, Topical Antibiotic, MCI/MI, Soy, Irritant/Acid, and Dye. Product is Teen Safe.