How do I use LIB files in PSpice?

From Pspice Schematics menu: Choose Analysis -> Library and Include Files Click on Browse, find cmos. lib, and click on Open Click on Add Library* Click on OK.

How do you use parameters in PSpice?

You can define a model parameter on schematic using PARAM part….Answer

  1. Place the part ‘PARAM’ on the schematic from special.olb library from location \tools\capture\library\pspice.
  2. Add a new property Vto on PARAM by selecting it and doing right mouse click > Edit Property.

How do you change values in PSpice?

Any model can be edited or created in the Model Editor when using the text mode.

  1. Click to select the symbol of the model that you want to edit.
  2. Choose Edit – PSpice Model from the menus.
  3. Edit the model parameters or device specifications and extract the model parameters.
  4. Save the file and return to the design.

How do you do a parameter sweep in PSpice?

2.3 PSpice for TI: Parametric Sweep Analysis

  1. Double click on the symbol. Add a new {Cval} property and give it a value of one nanohenry.
  2. Make sure that the transient analysis is the selected analysis type. Enter five microseconds as a total simulation time.
  3. Place a current marker on the capacitor.

How do I change Mosfet parameters in PSpice?

Right click the part and select edit properties to set up a few of the device values from the schematic page or right click the part and select edit model. The model editor will open the mosfet model in the library “breakout. lib” and allow you to add whatever values you’d like.

How do I add a library cadence?

Creating Libraries and Schematics in Cadence

  1. Start Cadence under an appropriate directory.
  2. Once you have the icfb windows open, select Tools → Library Manager to bring up the Library Manager.
  3. In the library manager, create a new library by clicking File → New → Library and name it anything you want, (e.g. ece4220).