How do I use item level targeting in group policy?

Select Item-level targeting, and then click Targeting. Click New Item, click a type of targeting item to apply to the preference item, and then configure settings for the targeting item. To change the value of the targeting item to its opposite, on the Item Options menu, click Is Not.

How do I use WMI filter in group policy?

To link a WMI filter to a GPO

  1. Open the Group Policy Management console.
  2. In the navigation pane, find and then select the GPO that you want to modify.
  3. Under WMI Filtering, select the correct WMI filter from the list.
  4. Select Yes to accept the filter.

How do I target a GPO to a security group?

How to apply group policy to security group?

  1. Select the Group Policy Object in the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). Click on the Delegation tab and then click on the Advanced button.
  2. Click on the Add button and select the security group that you wish to apply to .

What are WMI filters?

A WMI filter is a set of WMI queries (the WMI Query Language / WQL is used) that you can use to target computers to which a specific group policy should be applied.

How many item level targeting categories are available?

There are 27 types of targeting criteria available as of this writing, and many of the types contain multiple individual items.

Can a GPO be applied to a security group?

Its not possible to apply a group policy to a security group however what you can do is to filter a group policy by changing the permissions on the Group Policy so that only certain users/groups have read and apply privileges.

How do I test a WMI Query?


  1. Login to the Gateway.
  2. Type wbemtest in run window(Press Windows_key+r) and open wmi test window.
  3. Click on connect button in front of namespace.
  4. Enter \\\root\cimv2 in the namespace textbox and credentials of user used for discovery.
  5. Click connect.
  6. Click on query button after connection.

How do I use group policy on a specific computer?

Click on the button named Object types. Select the Computers type of object. Search and add a computer. Select the computer and give permission to apply the group policy.