How do I update my Bushnell Neo?

You can now quickly and easily update an individual Course on your Bushnell Device – simply select ‘UPDATE GOLF COURSE’ (located at the top of the ‘MY DEVICE’ page), enter the name of the course in the Search Bar near the top and select the course from the dropdown list.

How do I reset my Bushnell Neo?

– Hold down the bottom left-hand button and power button together for 15 seconds or until the unit switches off then turn it back on using power button. This will reboot the device and it will no longer be frozen.

How long does a Bushnell NEO last?

The Neo Ghost charges using the supplied micro USB cable and claims to last 16 hours of GPS time or three rounds of golf on a single charge. The rubber USB port cover is a little feisty to open, but at least that means it stays in place when closed.

How do I update my Bushnell rangefinder?

Once your device is registered, log into the website and connect your device. The website should have you download the installer program and update your device. The device update can take up to 45 minutes.

Can you replace the battery in a Bushnell Neo?

You can not change the battery. Do not attempt to open, disassemble or service the internal battery. The battery must be replaced by a qualified technician. If you suspect the battery is not working properly please contact Bushnell Golf support.

Is the Bushnell Neo iON waterproof?

The Bushnell NEO-iON is loaded with extra features that you won’t find with other comparability priced watches. This golf GPS watch is waterproof (as opposed to water resistant), has an odometer (step counter), and a 1 year warranty.

Is Bushnell Neo excel any good?

I’m not saying the Excel isn’t a good watch because it is decent. I just found that there are better options on the market in this price range….Bushnell Excel.

Bushnell Excel
Water Resistant Yes (Not Waterproof)
Golf Courses 35,000+
Preloaded Yes
Distance To Front, Middle, Back Yes

Can you replace battery in Bushnell golf watch?