How do I transfer my AnyConnect license?

Cisco ASA: Re-hosting Term license to another ASA

  1. Log in to Cisco License Registration Portal with your id.
  2. Select Licenses > Move Licenses > Share licenses… > Get activation Code.
  3. Select Product. In this case ASA Anyconnect Term and Content.
  4. Fill in required information. Method: Share traditional licenses.

Does AnyConnect require license?

Customers are expected to have a valid AnyConnect license to use AnyConnect with the MX Appliance. Customers are not required to validate their licenses via the Meraki MX or the dashboard. Customers will only be required to accept terms and conditions of use before they can enable AnyConnect.

What happens when AnyConnect license expires?

Since the newer AnyConnect licenses are subscription-based, according to Cisco, if their subscription expires and is not renewed, they will stop working.

What is the difference between AnyConnect Plus and Apex?

The AnyConnect Plus licenses only support client VPNs and are either subscription or perpetual based. The AnyConnect Apex licenses support either client or clientless VPNs and are subscription based only. The AnyConnect VPN Only licenses are perpetual based, clientless, and may only be used on a single ASA.

What is AnyConnect premium license?

Premium licenses allow for both AnyConnect client based and clientless SSL VPN. Clientless VPN is established through a web browser. While it is typically less functional than AnyConnect client based VPN, it is adequate access for many users.

Can I download Cisco AnyConnect for free?

If you are a Windows 10 user, you can easily download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client from Windows Store. There is no restriction over the download and it’s free.

How does ISE licensing work?

You purchase licenses for the number of concurrent users on the system . A Cisco ISE user consumes a license during an active session (always a Base; and a Plus and an Apex license, if you use the functionality covered by these licenses). Once the session ends, the license is released for reuse by other users.

Which are all the different types of licenses which we can have on ISE?

Node Licenses

  • Appliance License. The appliance license only applies if you are deployment Cisco ISE on virtual machines.
  • Device Administration License. Device Administration equals TACACS+.
  • Base Licenses.
  • Plus Licenses.
  • Apex Licenses.