How do I start free Willis?

To start this mission, go to the “W” icon on your map, introducing someone familiar to those that played Far Cry 3. He wants your help landing his plane at the airport, so start heading there.

Where is Willis mission in Far Cry 4?

the Kyrat Int. Airport
Free Willis is a story mission in Far Cry 4 where the Ajay must head to the Kyrat Int. Airport (just NE of Noore’s fortress) to help Willis Huntley oversee a deal with Pagan Min’s men, and later escape. In this mission, the player is given a new sniper rifle to cover Willis, the Z93, a powerful .

How do I secure the airport in Far Cry 4?

From the top of the roof you will frag the first sniper without a problem. Start with eliminating the sniper which you will have ahead then enter the airport area undetected. Walk around the right side of the fence and then climb on the roof when the sniper there will turn to you with his back.

Why can’t I cross Kings Bridge Far Cry 4?

King’s Bridge is a location within Kyrat in Far Cry 4. It separates the South of Kyrat from the North. It is not possible to cross the bridge until a certain mission is completed. Trying to cross the bridge before that mission will send the player back to the other side.

Why did Willis betray Ajay?

On the last mission, it is later revealed that these lieutenants were actually CIA informants and that Willis tricked Ajay into cleaning up evidence of the CIA’s involvement in Kyrat because he believed that Pagan Min is no longer considered a threat to the US government.

How do you destroy helicopters in Far Cry 4?

Any rocket or grenade launcher can quickly take out a helicopter. Another method is to throw a grenade or any other explosive device into the cabin. The Helicopter is armed with a powerful turret and rockets, both of which are used to shoot at the player.

Where is the Journal at the airport in Far Cry 4?

Location: At the Kyrat International Airport, go to the north western edge of the airfield and inside the warehouse. Go to the office and look around for the journal. You can go there directly after Free Willis mission.

Who is Willis Far Cry 4?

Agent Willis Huntley is a major character of the Far Cry series. He is a CIA operative who provides Jason Brody with information about the Rook Islands and its inhabitants after he escaped the island. He returns in Far Cry 4 as a minor antagonist, and again in Far Cry 5 in a side mission.

How do you get across Kings Bridge Far Cry 4?

Walk around the bridge and, at the other side, find a hole In the fence- cross it and enter the truck. If it is Sabal that is the current leader of the Golden Path, this part of the mission is a bit different. You are not going to need the grenade thrower here – the sniper rifle is going to be a better choice.

Is Hurk in Far Cry primal?

Hurk Drubman Sr. Urki is a thinker of the Wenja tribe, and a secondary character of Far Cry Primal.