How do I restore my Foscam to factory settings?

To reset a camera, locate the reset button and press it for approximately 30 seconds. At the end of that time the camera will reboot itself and the factory settings will be restored. Some models require only a 10-15 second timeframe.

Where is reset button on Foscam camera?

On a Foscam outdoor camera, the reset button isn’t located on the IP camera itself, but on the bundle of connectors. There’s a black connector with a small white button on the tip. This is the reset button. Press the reset button and hold it for 10 seconds.

How do I fix my Foscam camera?

How to fix the “Foscam failed to connect” error

  1. Check the device (DVR, NVR, or IP camera) Internet connection.
  2. Log in to the local router and check if the firewall is enabled.
  3. Disable the router’s firewall or change the blocking rules.
  4. Check if your Internet link has enough bandwidth.

How do I reset my IP camera to factory settings?

How to reset IP Camera to factory defaults

  1. Keep the device powered on for at least 30 seconds to complete its normal startup.
  2. Find something like a pin to press the Reset button on the camera and hold it for 15 seconds to restore the settings to factory defaults.

What is the default password for Foscam IP camera?

For Foscam cameras produced before the summer of 2020, the standard login is: user: admin. password: [don’t enter a password]

How do I find my IP camera password?

By default, the IP Camera’s administrator password is admin. And you can change the password on User Management page. If you forget the password, the only way is to reset the IP Camera to factory default setting via hardware reset button.

What is the default Foscam password?

How do I find my Foscam username and password?

If it is an indoor Foscam camera, you will keep it powered on, and hold the reset button underneath for about 15 seconds. Once it reboots, you can release the hold, and it will restore to the default settings having no password and ‘admin’ as the username.