How do I reset my Polk subwoofer?

1 – Make sure that the bar is powered on and the subwoofer and rear speakers are plugged in. 2 – Locate the “SYNC” button on the back of the bar, and Press & Hold for 5-7 sec. until you hear a chime from the bar. 3 – Press and Hold the “SYNC” button on the back of the subwoofer for 5-7 sec.

Why is my Polk Audio subwoofer not working?

Sound issues If the subwoofer is using speaker wire for connection, check that the polarity is the same on both ends of the connection, and check the wire to make sure it isn’t damaged. If the sound is still distorted, change the low pass filter settings or adjust the PRO settings on the sub.

How do I fix my subwoofer not working?

Increase the volume level on the subwoofer. Ensure the speaker settings on the stereo system or TV have been configured properly to use the subwoofer. IMPORTANT: Certain speaker settings may disable the subwoofer. Trying a different speaker setting may resolve the issue.

Is Polk subwoofer good?

The Polk Audio PSW10 is a compact subwoofer with an affordable price tag and excellent sound quality. In addition, it has up to 100 watts of dynamic power, which means it can produce deep bass for quite a lot of setup conditions that need some extra low-frequency energy.

How do I know if my home theater subwoofer is blown?

Test the sound at a low volume to listen for whether your sub has been blown. If it is distorted, you have a partially blown subwoofer, and if there is no sound at all, it is completely blown. If the subwoofer is receiving its signal via a cable, then check the cable before rushing to conclusions.

How do you troubleshoot a Polk soundbar?

If your Polk Soundbar is not working, check the HDMI connection. Make sure the HDMI cable is in the correct port. To prevent the soundbar from connecting to other sources, use only the HDMI connection between the TV and the Polk Soundbar.

Why is my subwoofer not working with my soundbar?

Disconnect the AC power cord of the subwoofer and reconnect it after one minute. After turning on the subwoofer, set the link settings between the Soundbar Speaker and the Subwoofer again. Note: For how to set the link refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product.

How do I know if my subs are blown?

Why would a sub not be working?

The subwoofer not working is typically due to an external wiring issue. To fix the problem, you should check your RCA cables or speaker wires for any bad connections and replace them if necessary. If these are all in good condition, then it may be time to buy a new subwoofer as yours has gone bad.

Which is the best subwoofer in the world?

Our Subwoofer Picks

  • Best Overall Subwoofer: SVS SB-1000 Pro.
  • Best Budget Subwoofer: Monoprice 9723.
  • Best High-End Subwoofer: SVS SB-3000.
  • Best Wireless Subwoofer: Sonos Sub.
  • Maximum Bass for Home Theater: Seaton Sound.
  • Subwoofer with the Deepest Bass: KEF KC62.
  • A Great Subwoofer for Music: RSL Speedwoofer 10S.