How do I renew my drivers license in Arapahoe County?

Online Transactions Please visit the State Portal website to review online options for vehicle and driver license/ID transactions including renewals, duplicate titles, changing addresses, and more! It’s quick and easy to renew online and pay via credit, debit or check.

What is the website for Colorado DMV?
Colorado DMV online services are now available at!

Can I renew my driving licence at 70 online?

If you have a Public Services Card or MyGovID, you can apply online at There are no application fees payable by persons aged 70 and over when renewing their driving licence.

At what age do seniors have to take a driving test in colorado?

requires drivers age 61 and older to renew their licenses every five years. prohibits drivers age 66 and older from renewing online. requires vision tests for drivers ages 66 and older, and. accepts written reports about potentially unsafe drivers from law enforcement, courts, physicians and close relatives.

How do I renew my driving licence over 80?

Renewing your licence – Over 75 years of age

  1. You’ll need to renew your licence at age 75, 80 and every two years from then.
  2. Your renewal fees will be lower – as you’re renewing your licence more often.
  3. You’ll need to present a medical certificate each time you apply to renew.

How do I get a license plate in Arapahoe County?

Call our Motor Vehicle Division at 303-795-4500 for more information on registering a vehicle in Arapahoe County and obtaining standard or specialty Colorado license plates.

Can I renew my Colorado driver’s license online at 18?

No, the Driver’s License Electronic Renewal By Seniors Act (HB21-1139) didn’t allow for this age group to renew online. Coloradans younger than 21 were previously able to renew their driver license or credentials online due to an emergency order, which has since expired.

What do I do if my Colorado driver license is expired?

Please note: If your Colorado driver license or identification card is currently expired, and you are a U.S. citizen or are permanent legal resident, you will need to bring an additional document to demonstrate lawful presence in the U.S. Please see the DR2300A for document examples.

Can I renew my driver license or identification card online?

Please note that when you renew your driver license or identification card online, your printed receipt and the old/expired credential will serve as your temporary credential. You will not be issued the same temporary credential that is issued to those who visit a driver license office in person.