How do I register my Dlink products?

The Customer shall register the products in D-Link Support website within 30 days from the date of purchase. The Customer shall log Service Complaints through online or by email: [email protected] or by Phone 0832 668 9999.

How do I register my Dlink router?

How to sign up mydlink?

  1. Go to the mydlink support page and download the setup wizard specific to your model and operating system.
  2. Launch the setup wizard and follow the instructions to set up the device.
  3. Sign up for a D-Link account.

How do I claim warranty on my Dlink router?


  1. Call D-Link Agent. Dial – 1860 233 3999 and speak to our engineer for instant support.
  2. Write to us & Send Email. Share your feedback/
  3. Find Service Center. Visit your nearest D-Link service center for swift support.
  4. Check Warranty Status. Learn about D-Link warranty policy & saftey information.

How do I setup my Dlink wireless camera?

Step 1: On your smartphone or tablet, make sure you turn on Bluetooth and connect via Wi-Fi to the wireless router you want to connect the camera to. Step 2: Launch the mydlink Lite app on your device. Step 3: Tap Add a New Camera. Step 4: On the QR Code Setup screen, tap Yes.

What is the IP address of D-Link router?
IP address of the router, default is 192.168. 0.1.

How do I check my Dlink router warranty?

Please visit to check the status of your warranty claim.

How long is D-Link warranty?

Any out of warranty replaced or repaired product or part has a ninety (90) days warranty or the remainder of the initial warranty period, whichever is longer….

Consumer Products Warranty Period (Spare Part Cover 1 year Only)
Smart Switch DES-12xx/11xx, DGS-12xx/11xx & DXS-xxxx series Limited Lifetime

Is D-Link a Chinese company?

From relatively modest beginnings in Taiwan, the company has grown since 1986 into an award-winning global brand with over 2000 employees in 60 countries.