How do I read a JSON file on a Mac?

For Mac OS X you can open JSON files using Apple TextEdit or other compatible text editor which will allow you to view the contents. You can also use Bare Bones TextWrangler which is a text and HTML editor designed for Mac PCs or MacVim designed for Mac OS X.

What is the best JSON editor for Mac?

Power JSON Editor is a powerful JSON editor for developers. Using Power JSON Editor, developers can easily import JSON data from the Web, import PLIST data as JSON, or export JSON to a PLIST file. With support for plug-ins, Power JSON Editor’s functionality can easily be extended.

Does Mac support JSON?

JSON is a popular data-interchange format used by APIs (application programming interfaces). JSON lets you bundle a large amount of data into one chunk of text and then send it along to another service.

How do I open a JSON file in Notepad?

Using Notepad

  1. Right-click on your JSON file and select Open with > Choose another app from the menu.
  2. A window containing a list of apps will open. Click on the More apps button to reveal all the available programs you can use.
  3. Choose Notepad from the extended list of applications and select OK.

How do I fix invalid JSON?

How to Fix the WordPress Invalid JSON Response Error

  1. Go to Settings → Permalinks in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Verify that the correct permalink structure is selected — If the correct structure is already selected, you don’t need to change anything.
  3. Click the Save Changes button.

How do I read and edit a JSON file?

In the Enterprise Explorer view, right-click your . json file or other file type that contains JSON code and select Open With > JSON Editor. You can compress JSON strings so that the strings display on one line with white space removed between JSON elements.

What is the best way to view JSON file?

How To Open A JSON File On Windows, Mac, Linux & Android

  1. #1) File Viewer Plus.
  2. #2) Altova XMLSpy.
  3. #3) Microsoft Notepad.
  4. #4) Microsoft WordPad.
  5. #5) Notepad++
  6. #6) Mozilla Firefox.

Can I use Notepad for JSON?

JSOn content in a file contains strings, so You can use any editor to open and save the files. Notepad++ is also used to open and read JSON files. It supports opening and reading larger JSOn files by reading json content into memory, So Notepad++ throws Out Of Memory Exception If the file is in size of GB’s.