How do I pair goTenna?

goTenna is compatible with android 4.3 or higher. 2) Turn on location settings. 3) Turn off battery optimization. 4) Turn your goTenna on….

  1. Confirm that you’re using the most recent OS.
  2. Turn your goTenna on.
  3. In the goTenna app, open the main menu and tap ‘Pair goTenna’.

How do I reset my goTenna mesh?

Toggle your device’s Bluetooth off+on. 3. Try pairing the goTenna Mesh to another device, this will help you determine if there is a phone settings issue or if you need to troubleshoot with goTenna Mesh….

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Select Reset Network Settings.

What is goTenna range?

Range: goTenna states that you can expect to get up to 4 miles. In practice, I was only able to get a max of 0.6miles. I took the Meshes on a 25-mile kayak camping trip on a very remote stretch of the Peace River here in Central Florida.

Can you talk with goTenna?

○ You can chat with any other goTenna Mesh user within range. The reason you can’t chat with people who don’t have goTenna Mesh is due to the physics of radio waves. You need a properly designed RF receiver to interpret a goTenna Mesh signal.

How do I use goTenna pro?

User Manual for goTenna Pro

  1. Charge goTenna PRO fully before initial operation via the micro-USB port found at the bottom of the device.
  2. Install goTenna app on to smart phone.
  3. Press, hold, and release the button to turn on the device.
  4. Follow pairing instruction inside phone app to pair to goTenna PRO.

What is the range of goTenna mesh?

goTenna MESH Range Depending on the location and the topography they are setup in, you can get a few miles of range between units: up to 4.0 mi (6.4 km) in open areas and up to 0.5 mi (0.8 km) in dense locations.

How do I turn off goTenna powers?

How do I turn OFF goTenna Mesh? Press & hold the power button on the right side, until the indicator light turns off.

How does a goTenna work?

How does it work, exactly? Each GoTenna device is a small radio transmitter and receiver. It connects to your smartphone via a proprietary app using Bluetooth. Within the app, the user can compose and read text messages and see his or her location and the location of GoTenna equipped people nearby.

Is goTenna encrypted?

GoTenna devices are able to create private cell networks and enable geolocation sharing through radio waves and relays from other nearby devices. The traffic is not stored anywhere and is transmitted using end-to-end encryption with 384-bit asymmetric key ciphering.

How does goTenna mesh work?

What is goTenna plus?

goTenna Plus is an annual subscription service designed for those looking to get a little more out of their goTenna experience. Download goTenna Mesh iOS App on the Apple App Store Download goTenna Mesh Android App on the Google Play store.

How much does goTenna cost?

goTenna Plus is the perfect way to get more detailed information about your surroundings and stay in better sync with your group while on your next off-grid adventure. Normally $29/year. Free 30-day trial included in the latest version of the goTenna app!